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Soon after Qualcomm officially announced that the first Snapdragon 615 powered smartphones will soon arrive on the market, HTC started sending invites for IFA. You can probably imagine that rumors are now claiming that HTC will unveil, during the event, a Snapdragon 615 powered smartphone, from the Desire series. This would mean that the next […]

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Earlier this week we came across a leaked roadmap rumored to show Qualcomm’s future plans for its chipset line-up. Among the upcoming SoCs was the “MSM8939″, also known as the Snapdragon 615. According to the roadmap, the chip is set to become available near the end of Q3, or at the beginning of Q4 2014. […]


The second half of the year still holds many surprises, and while IFA in Berlin will be the place where the large part of unannounced flagship phones will finally hit the stage, the aforementioned conference will most likely be followed by smaller launch events throughout the rest of the year. As a prime example for […]


The iPhone 6 is without a doubt the most leaked, rumored and controversial topic of discussion in the mobile world, and there’s not one week passing by without new bits and pieces of the Apple puzzle. Earlier this week we’ve discussed the possibility that the iPhone 6 could have only 1 GB of RAM (as […]

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This must be fake, right? Well, let’s hope it is… [UPDATE] This is definitely real, and guess what? It’s actually not a smartphone, but a camera. Even though these guys are usually reliable, this looks dodgy. [UPDATE] Damn, this looks real. Check out some rumored specs (mainly for the camera) and some new the pics, […]


Based on past events and a number of recent reports, the arrival of the iPhone 6 might change the mobile market to great extent. The next-gen iPhone is an extremely anticipated device and Apple expects to sell an unprecedented number of units. This is where things get a bit fuzzy, as we enter the world […]

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Qualcomm continues to be one of the biggest chip suppliers of the mobile world, and by learning all we can about the aforementioned company’s plans we can take a sneak peek into the future and try to determine what hardware components will be adopted by some of the upcoming, yet unannounced smartphones. Interestingly enough, a […]


Yesterday we’ve discussed the possibility that the iPhone 6 might feature only 1 GB of RAM, despite the fact that the Android market is constantly moving towards larger amounts, especially in the high-end segment. In light of recent discoveries, it seems that the schematic did not show the RAM config but rather the layout of […]


[UPDATE] Considering the lower than expected hardware specs (720p display, 1GB of RAM) disclosed by another leaked pic (see below) this could be in fact the Huawei Ascend G7, Mate 7′s mid range brother which has also been teased during the last several days by company officials. During the weekend, Huawei started sending out press […]


Another week is upon us, and unsurprisingly enough, a new iPhone 6-related leak just surfaced on the blogosphere. Indeed, these past several months have been a wild ride for Apple enthusiasts, with countless bits of information surfacing and leading to numerous theories on what we should expect from the company’s next best flagship device. Today’s […]

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