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LG G4’s Leather Back Takes 4 Times Longer To Manufacture (vs Regular)

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Boy, when LG said a while back that the G4 will differentiate itself through design. it wasn’t exaggerating. Not only that LG’s upcoming flagship phone is slightly bent, but one of its variants has its back wrapped in genuine leather. We’re not saying it’s the awesomest thing since slice bread but it definitely looks different than most of the mainstream …

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Samsung To Start Using Dual Cameras In Its Smartphones In 2016

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Today, the Samsung Electro-Mechanics Q1 2015 earnings report meeting took place in Seoul, South Korea, where the company apparently reported a 60.8 billion won increase in operating profits, up 303% from Q1 2014. This whopping increase in profit is partly due to the increasing demand for smartphone components manufactured by Samsung and its branches, including 16 MP cameras with optical image …

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Nokia’s Return To The Smartphone (Android) Market: Officially Confirmed

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For the past week or so there have been several reports, from unnamed sources and various corners of the internet, suggesting that Nokia will return to the smartphone market in 2016 once its contract with Microsoft will allow it to do so. The most interesting thing about the aforementioned rumors however, was that they tipped Nokia as having plans to …

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HTC Butterfly 3 To Come With QHD Display, Snapdragon 810 On Board?

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If you were debating which one of HTC’s latest flagships (HTC One M9 and One M9+) was more powerful or feature packed, we might have the answer: HTC Butterfly 3. “Wait! What?” Yes, it looks like HTC is about to release another flagship phone, the 4th entry in the Butterfly series (after J Butterfly, Butterfly S and Butterfly 2), which …

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LG G4 Price: Between Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge?

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Throughout these past couple of weeks, LG continued to reveal bits of the its G4 puzzle and kept our interest going with various teaser videos revolving either around the camera, design, or user interface. Needless to say, the G4 managed to grab a lot of attention lately, but one of the biggest questions that were never truly answered has to do with …

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OPPO’s Bezelless Upcoming Smartphone Gets Caught On Video

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Throughout these past several weeks there have been numerous leaks and rumors flying around in regards to the alleged Oppo R5 successor. We’re referring of course to the bezelless smartphone that made the rounds in a handful of leaked pictures and even on camera. The handset in question captivated everyone’s attention thanks to its design. Using a relatively simple technology …

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JOLED To Supply Apple With OLED Displays For Future iPad Line-ups?

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OLED displays are slowly becoming the new standard for premium mobile devices, and chances are that the technology will eventually replace LCDs in most areas. This is the reason why numerous display suppliers now focus on increasing their OLED production capacity, and it’s also the reason why JOLED (Japan OLED) was founded in mid-2014. Interestingly enough, a fresh report from …