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iPhone 6s: 7000 Series Aluminum Build Indirectly Confirmed By Catcher?

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Catcher Technologies Co. – one of Apple’s biggest suppliers of metal cases – recently discussed its financial status and told investors that the company forecasts higher revenues in the next quarter thanks to “smoother production” as well as “strong orders for metal casings for new projects“. In addition, Catcher’s CEO (Allen Horng), added that while sales this month will drop …

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Snapdragon 810: Japanese Carrier Officially Acknowledges Overheating Issues

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Assuming you haven’t been living on Mars for the past 6 months or so, you should be aware of most happenings surrounding Qualcomm’s controversial Snapdragon 810 SoC. It all started last December when the first reports concerning the chipset’s alleged overheating and throttling issues emerged. from that point on, things escalated and the story became more intricate as time went …

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LG Releases Disney Themed SD801 Smartphone With Swarovski Cover

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This week LG released a brand new smartphone in Japan which, by the looks of it, will remain an NTT Docomo exclusive. What’s interesting about this new contender, and the reason why we’re bringing it to your attention, is the fact that it is the eight smartphone in the carrier’s “Disney Mobile” line-up which seems to be pretty big in …

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Xiaomi’s President: “Xiaomi Will Acquire BlackBerry” [Updated]

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[Update] It looks like Mr. Bin Lin actually asked people not to spread rumors like “Xiaomi will buy BlackBerry”. Thanks go out to Xiaomi’s communication department for clearing things up. Like some of you might know, not long ago, a certain rumor was claiming that a number of companies were targeting BlackBerry for acquisition, with Microsoft and Xiaomi being mentioned …

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Pac Crest: Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge Selling Slower Than Galaxy S5

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are two of the most impressive handsets created by Korea’s largest smartphone manufacturer. They’ve been builtĀ from the ground up as a brand new generation of devices initially (referred to as “Project Zero”) and they represent Samsung’s response to the increasingly populated premium market. In addition, 2015 was the first year when Samsung released …

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Apple Watch In-Store Availability To Be Announced At WWDC (Rumor)

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As probably most of you are aware of, since its launch, the Apple Watch hasn’t been available in the company’s retail stores (only online). This can be attributed to both high demand and the famous yield problems Apple and its suppliers have been struggling with. However, it looks like the situation is about to change. If a couple of days …

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Apple and Samsung Supplier To Invest $260 Mln In 3D Curved Glass

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With more smartphone makers getting ready to adopt 3D curved glass for their future devices, certain part suppliers are bound to have a bigger revenue than others. Now, one of the companies who might turn a considerable profit on the production of 3D curved glass panels is China’s Blue Synopsys. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Blue Synopsys is …