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Xiaomi Poised For Great Things, Interested In VR and Robotics

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There’s no secret that Xiaomi was among the first smartphone makers to challenge Apple in the Chinese market, and as some of you know, the company even managed to overtake the Cupertino giant in terms of sales for several years in a row. Needless to say, Xiaomi is an ambitious company, but the story today is more related to Xiaomi’s …

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Pressure Sensitive Displays: 25% Of New 2016 Smartphones Will Have Them (IHS)

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Although 3D Touch might not make a large impact on the Apple ecosystem in 2016 (as per TPK CEO Michael Chung’s previous claims), pressure sensitive display technology in itself will reportedly gain a lot of popularity next year, when 25% of the smartphones aimed for a market release in 2016 will reportedly be equipped with some sort of Force Touch …

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Rumor: Apple Has Been Working On Its Own GPU For A Few Years

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Despite the fact that Apple has designed a lot of hardware, in-house, over the years, the Cupertino giant is first and foremost considered a software company. However, as Alan Kay’s famous quote goes: “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware”, and Apple is known to take this concept quite literally. This is the reason the …

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Is Samsung Working On A Galaxy S6 Mini? [Updated]

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[UPDATE] Judging by its codename, it is possible that this is the next iteration in the Galaxy Golden flip series. However, this would mean that the 4.6-inch display reported by GFXBench is wrong. Just something to keep in mind. [End of UPDATE] While the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active has already been unveiled and released, for the past several months we …

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Samsung 10nm Chipset Based On ARM’s Ananke Coming Next Year?

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While we wait for Samsung to unleash its next high-end Exynos SoC which, judging by the alleged leaked data, is shaping up as a mighty beast, the Korean tech giant also seems to be working on a new chipset aimed at the budget-friendly (or “friendlier”) market. The news comes from a prolific Samsung leakster, who claims that the chipset will …

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Hi and Welcome to G For Games

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G for Game’s main purpose is to bring gamers the latest industry news, as well as game reviews and previews. Because all games are highly platform and hardware dependent, and because the “G Team” comes from an IT background, you’ll also find hardware, gadged and phone related articles on our web-site. If you want to know a little something about …