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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint) Deals – $200 Shaved Off The Official Price Tag

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Deals – $200 Less Than What Sprint Is Asking For

This is a time to be on the market for a flagship device, as you can sometimes get a lot of them at a very reduced price. Why is that, you ask? Well, because everybody is talking about the upcoming generation of handsets and retailers are afraid that people will hold out on buying new devices and will instead wait for the “Next Big Thing”.

You as well as i know that playing the waiting game in this industry just doesn’t cut it (unless you’re literally days away from the launch of a “next-gen” device) – as soon as one flagship launches, the Internet starts buzzing about the upcoming “iPhone/Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Droid RAZR-killer”, and if they get caught up, undecided buyers can wait for a really long time before actually buying a new smartphone.

So my advice is: if your contract has ended or if you’re eligible for an upgrade, now is the time to cash in on one of the “Mega Deals” that pop up from time to time. Most likely, the Galaxy S4 is still a few good months away, Motorola doesn’t have anything new in the pipeline (the X Phone is most probably, at this point, a pipe dream) and HTC’s M7 will probably not be launched next month, at least not in the US. So why not cash in on an awesome Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deal that Amazon has going on ? More details after the break.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint) - Massive Price Cut

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint) – Massive Price Cut

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Sprint) Deal at Amazon

Currently, Amazon offers a great deal on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2. If you’re willing to sign a new 2 year contract with the carrier, Sammy’s phablet could be yours for just $99.99 ($200 dollars less that what Sprint is currently asking for the Note 2).

If you’re eligible for an upgrade, the Note 2 can be yours for $199.99 (still a pretty big discount). If you want to add another line to your existing account, Amazon will charge you $169.99 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

NOTE: The deal is good for both the Titanium Gray and the Marble White flavors, and both are currently in stock.

1.Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4G, Titanium (Sprint)

2.Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4G, White (Sprint)

Another cool thing that the online retailer is throwing in is the FREE two day shipping so in case you’ve been eying the Note 2 and you find Sprint’s plans/coverage appealing we really can’t see a valid reason why you wouldn’t jump on this offer.

If you’d rather go with Verizon, Big Red also has a pretty attractive Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deal. Let us know what you think about this deal in the comment section below. Cheers !

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