Samsung Galaxy S3 (Sprint) Deals – Best Deal Ever Keeps Going Strong

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals: The Sprint Model Still Enjoys an Amazing Price Cut

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best and most popular smartphones of the moment, so there’s no surprise that after more than half a year since its release date it still attracts of a lot of attention.

So if you were planning on scoring a Galaxy S3 but were waiting for the right deal, then now is the time to do so, as the best price cut ever for Sammy’s flagship smartphone keeps on going. Join us after the break to find out more about the best Samsung Galaxy S3 deal.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Sprint) Deals - Best Deal Ever Keeps Going Strong

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Sprint) Deals – Best Deal Ever Keeps Going Strong

Samsung Galaxy S3 Deal (Sprint)

A couple of weeks ago we discussed about a killer $0.99 Samsung Galaxy S3 deal at Amazon Wireless and we’re now happy to announce that the online retailer’s amazing price cut is still available!

Thus if you’re thinking about switching to Sprint, now is the best time ever, as new customers agreeing to a two year agreement with the carrier will be able to purchase the mouthwatering Samsung Galaxy S3, via Amazon, for just $0.01!!

Existing customers adding a new line of service or upgrading one of their existing lines will have to shell out more money, as the SGS3 will set them back $99.99 (along with the two-year contract, of course). Although this deal may not be nearly as neat as the $0.01 one, keep in mind that it’s still better than the $199.99 price tag that Sprint has for Sammy’s flagship device.

In terms of colors and availability, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently in stock (so you it should ship in around 24 hours) and you have two flavors to choose from, marble white and pebble blue.

1.Samsung Galaxy S 3 4G, White 16GB (Sprint)

2.Samsung Galaxy S 3 4G, Blue 16GB (Sprint)

But if you’re not that much into the SGS3, you could take a look at another Sprint deal for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and see if you like that one better. Or if none of these smartphones are up your alley, stay tuned and we’ll keep you in the loop with the latest deals.