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2016: Samsung Will Supply 80% of The APs Used In Apple’s Devices (Report)

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Those of you who have kept an eye on the relationship between Apple and Samsung should know that, for the past several years, the Korean tech giant was one of the main suppliers for Apple’s A(x) application processors. Another company whose responsibilities lie in the manufacturing Apple’s chips is, of course, TSMC. Evidently, both Samsung and TSMC have the same goal, making them rivals in the quest to meet Apple’s requirements.

Insiders and analysts are now looking closely at the Cupertino-based giant’s partnership with both Samsung and TSMC. Their goal is to determine each company’s involvement in the creation of Apple’s next-gen devices, and by the looks of it, Samsung already has the upper hand over the Taiwanese chip maker for year 2016.

2016: Samsung Will Supply 80% of APs Used In Apple's Devices (Report)

2016: Samsung Will Supply 80% of APs Used In Apple’s Devices (Report)

Starting with 2016 Samsung May Supply 80% of Apple’s Application Processors

According to a new report from the The Korea Times, which cites the publication’s sources, Samsung and Apple have already struck a deal for the manufacturing of application processors expected to hit the market in 2016. Reportedly, Samsung Electronics will supply 80% of Apple’s Aps in 2016, while the other 20% will be taken over by none other than TSMC.

A source familiar with the said deal suggested that Apple has designated Samsung as the primary supplier for upcoming APs in 2016 following the Korean tech giant’s strategic collaboration with GlobalFoundries which was made public back in April 2014. This collaboration will allow both companies to deliver global capacity for 14 nm application processors.

Although Samsung declined to publicly discuss this deal with Apple, sources say that Samsung will start producing Apple’s processors early next year in its local factory situated in Giheung, Gyeonggi Province. The output will gradually increase as Samsung will start using its facilities located in Austin Texas and GlobalFoundries’ factory located in New York.


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