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Acer To Globally Launch A “Distinctive” Wearable Device In Q3-Q4

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Last week we’ve received exciting news that Acer – the 4th largest PC maker in the world- is going to continue and expand in the mobile market, not only with the launch of a new “Liquid” smartphone, but also through wearable devices. The wearable market is becoming more popular by the day, and Acer is not the only company intending on making an impact. Estimates by the Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center suggest that the wearable device market segment could top US$20.6 billion by year 2018, with 191 million units shipped worldwide.

Clearly, Acer is planning on capitalizing on this growing market, and according to the latest reports, the company intends on doing so by launching a “distinctive” wearable device.

Acer To Globally Launch A "Distinctive" Wearable Device In Q3-Q4

Acer To Globally Launch A “Distinctive” Wearable Device In Q3-Q4

Acer to Launch a “Distinctive” Wearable Gadget in Q3-Q4 2014

A “company (Acer) source” has recently revealed to FocusTaiwan that Acer is planning on launching a wearable device by the end of 2014. Nothing new, as we already knew this detail, but what’s interesting is that according to this insider, Acer intends on creating a “distinctive” wearable device that will stand out from the crowd.

Reportedly, the company is not in a hurry to launch the gadget in the first or second quarter of the year, so this makes Q3 and Q4 prime candidates for release, by default.

Interestingly enough, the source has also suggested that smartwatches and smart glasses “are not the only option“. This means that this “distinctive” device could take a unique form, like an electronic necklace that could read biometrics and connect to your smartphone. Until more information pops up, feel free to share your ideas of a “distinctive” wearable device below.