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Acer Officially Announces That It Will Launch Wearable Devices, Later This Year

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The wearable devices market is growing, and throughout the past several months we’ve seen a handful of smartwatches hitting the scene, including the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the new Sony SmartWatch. The story does not end here though, and many other companies plan on capitalizing on this growing segment.

As you all know, there have been tons of rumors and leaks suggesting that Apple is working on a smartwatch of its own, and the device in question could hit the shelves in the second half of the year. Interestingly enough, we now have yet another manufacturer planning joining the wearable device market during the same time frame. Join us after the break for more details.

Acer Plans on Joining the Wearable Devices Market Later This Year

Acer Plans on Joining the Wearable Devices Market Later This Year

Acer to Launch its Own Smartwatch in 2014

Acer is currently the fourth-largest PC maker in the world, but the company intends on expanding its horizons. Yesterday, the manufacturer launched a new smartphone, the “Liquid Z5″, and is planning on releasing multiple other 4G smartphones in the future.

But, more interestingly, Acer’s vice president of corporate account business division (Peter Shieh) has also revealed yesterday that the company also plans on launching a range of wearable devices later this year. Some of these gadgets are said to be smartwatches, and according to Shieh, Acer has already demoed its wearable devices to some of their clients during CES (probably behind closed doors, just like Samsung did with its foldable display). Shieh claimed that the company aims to play a big role in this new market.

Unfortunately, the VP hasn’t revealed any additional details regarding the gadgets themselves, but that’s only natural given the fact that we won’t see any of them hitting the market anytime soon.

Any thoughts regarding Acer’s plans? Are you a smartwatch fan, and if so, are you excited about these recent developments? Feel free to leave a comment below.