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Alleged iPad 5 Cases Surface, Might Hint At What’s To Come

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iPad 5 – To Be Lighter, Thinner and More Compact?

Well, after yesterday we received an image featuring what seems to be an iPad Mini 2 prototype, today we stumbled on some pics allegedly showing a couple of iPad 5 cases.

While we have no way of knowing if these cases (which are probably manufactured by a 3rd party) are the real thing, the images don’t appear to be faked and this source has a pretty positive track record.

Check them out and join us after the break.

ipad-5-case-02 ipad-5-case-01

Just by looking at the above pictures we cannot figure out much about the iPad 5, aside that it shapes up to have smaller overall dimensions than its predecessor and that the rear camera’s position has been slightly modified.

According to the rumors, the fifth-gen iPad (aka iPad 5) will be launched sometime during Q4 (with the month of October being singled out by several “inside sources“).

[UPDATE] As you can see, the cases have a “microphone hole”, which is consistent with the latest rumors claiming that the iPad 5 will feature a back panel microphone. These cases appear to be the real deal.

It is expected, according to various analysts, that the iPad 5 will be much lighter than the 4th generation and that it will be powered by a next gen Apple A7X SoC. As far as the tablet’s display is concerned, rumor has it that Apple’s upcoming slate will feature a high resolution IGZO display (manufactured by Sharp).

What do you think? Are the above pics real? Are you interested in what iPad 5 will have to offer? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: Weibo

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