Amazon Phone – Not Anytime Soon and Definitely Not Free

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Amazon Phone – To Be Or Not To Be?

Until quite recently we haven’t heard a lot about the previously rumored Amazon Phone, but last week a new set of rumors have started circulating around the web, giving hopes that the device will be launched this year, and it will also be offered free and off contract. These rumors have been started by a couple of former Wall Street Journal journalists. For some, this meant that the rumors must have a lot of credibility, but as usual, rumors are subject to change and that’s exactly what happened shortly after.

Amazon’s representatives themselves have decided to speak up and shed some light on the subject at hand, so join us after the break for a small dose of official announcement.

Amazon Phone - Not Anytime Soon and Definitely Not Free

Amazon Phone – Not Anytime Soon and Definitely Not Free

Amazon Phone – Launch Timeframe and Pricing Details

Sorry to burst the bubble of those who were expecting an early release for a free Amazon Phone, but that’s not going to happen. The company has recently responded to some of the most recent speculations, revealing that the device will not hit the market in 2013. More so, the Amazon spokesperson has also specified that the Amazon Phone, or any other smartphone they may release in the future, will never be free.

According to the previous rumors, the idea was that while the company would launch this device off-contract, for free, they will still earn a profit from people who buy apps and all that stuff; much like they do with the Amazon tablets (which are not free by the way).

This idea is a bit daft in our opinion, and we can totally understand why the company hasn’t actually considered offering a pretty expensive piece of technology to the masses, without asking for any kind of (monetary) guarantee in return.

In any case, that’s pretty much the end of the story. Amazon will probably and hopefully reveal their handset sometime next year. In the meantime, you can check out some of the previous rumors concerning the handset’s alleged specifications and the possibility that it will feature an innovative 3D display.

Thanks Phone Arena for the news regarding the Amazon Phone.

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