Apple and IGZO Screens: Next Year, Starting With The iPad Air 3 (Report)

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Despite the fact that IGZO displays seem to be slowly but surely going mainstream, and contrary to what the previous rumors have suggested, the upcoming iPad Air 2 might not make use of IGZO technology after all.

As some of you might recall, earlier reports have indicated that Apple’s upcoming flagship tablet will adopt an IGZO panel, especially given the speculations that the current iPad Air already takes advantage of the aforementioned display technology. However, recent developments have suggested that the iPad Air doesn’t pack an IGZO screen after all. It was only three weeks ago when speculations arose, suggesting that SHARP’s Kameyama No.1 LCD plant, which is dedicated to manufacturing Apple displays, doesn’t have the necessary equipment for IGZO manufacturing. Evidently, the big question now is when will Apple introduce IGZO displays to its iPad line-up? Join us after the break as we try to find shed more light on the matter.


Apple and IGZO Screens: Starting with the iPad Air 3?

According to a recent report from Korea’s ETNews, Apple will not fit the iPad Air 2 with an IGZO display. Supposedly, the reason for this is because SHARP is currently facing low yield issues which will not be dealt with in a timely manner. As such, the publication suggests that IGZO panels will eventually be adopted by next year’s iPad Air 3. In addition, Samsung and LG are also rumored to plan on investing a lot of resources in the production of IGZO so, next year, yield should not be a concern, assuming that Apple and the aforementioned Korean tech giants will manage to come to an agreement.

As far as the panel itself goes, IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) displays are held in high regard over regular LCD panels because of their ability to deliver great viewing angles and spot-on color accuracy at lower power requirements.

We’re hoping to see more IGZO panels being adopted soon, but so far the situation doesn’t look too good. Are you an Apple enthusiast? Were you planning on buying an iPad Air 2, and if so, will you still be interested in the said device given the idea that it might not take advantage of an IGZO display?



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