iPhone 6: Apple Switching To A New Display Type?

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As some of you might be aware of, Apple has teamed up, according to rumors, with LG Display and Japan Display Corporation in order to produce the screens for the upcoming iPhone 6. As we’ve reported earlier this week, the Cupertino giant was also looking for a third partner, and its choices were Samsung, Sharp and Innolux. According to these reports, Apple has turned down Samsung and Sharp, and has struck a deal with Innolux in order to manufacture the iPhone 6’s screen. Allegedly, the reason why Apple chose Innolux over Samsung is because of the rivalry between the two. As for Sharp, the company has apparently failed to deliver sample displays that would meet Apple’s standards.

Today we’ve learned more about this supposed partnership between Apple and Innolux, as reports have it that Apple might be switching to a new type of display.

iPhone 6: Apple Switching To A New Display Type?

iPhone 6: Apple Switching To A New Display Type?

iPhone 6: Apple Switching to “On-Cell” Technology

As recent history would let you know, Apple has been using in-cell touch panels since the iPhone 5. However, the technology didn’t came without its flaws, and users have reported that the panel is sometimes unresponsive, mainly when rapidly swiping back-and-forth diagonally.

According to the latest reports coming from supply chain sources cited by the Chinese media, the iPhone 6 will use a so called “Touch-On Display”, which is based on “on-cell” technology instead of “in-cell”.

iPhone 6: Apple Switching To A New Display Type?

The main difference between on-cell and in-cell is the fact that the former technology allows manufacturers to move the touch layer into the outer glass (such as the protective Gorilla Glass / Sapphire layer). According to the source, this allows manufacturers to create higher quality displays (faster screen response, no smear, no jitter, better color reproduction and so on).

It’s also interesting to note that the first rumors suggesting that Apple might be partnering up with Innolux in order to switch to a different technology have started surfacing in early 2013. Now that the partnership has apparently been set in stone, Apple is one big step closer to implementing Tocuh-on Displays based on the on-cell tech on its upcoming iPhone(s). Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.


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