Apple To Launch An iPhone Phablet in May, Not Related to iPhone 6 (Rumor)

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As some of you might remember, the rumor according to which Apple will release two iPhones with different screen sizes (4.7 and +5.7 inches), this year, has resurfaced a few days ago. We’ve been the first to report it in the English written media, and at that time we assumed that, in iPhone 5S and 5C fashion, these devices will be a part of the iPhone 6 family.

However, if the latest rumor is to be believed, this might not be the case after all. Join us after the break for more.


The Japanese version of Yahoo News has just published an article according to which the “big sized” iPhone will be a part of a totally new series. Even more, the source claims that it will be announced sometime in May, while the iPhone 6 will be made official in September.

As far as hardware specs go, this new device will allegedly not be powered by Apple’s upcoming A8 SoC. Instead, the same source says that Apple decided to equip the phablet with its A7 processor (which is also powering last year’s iPhoe 5S). Unfortunately, nothing about the display size is mentioned, so until new info surfaces we’ll have to do with the “5.7 inch or bigger” rumor.

If rumors are to be believed, Apple seems poised to literally “go BIG” in 2014, as a 12.9-inch iPad is also expected to be announced this year (as early as March).

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