Apple Watch Mass Production Rumored To Start In January; Quanta To Be The Only Supplier

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A lot of digital ink has been spilled regarding the Apple Watch (we will also call it by its iWatch nickname in our articles) both before and after the official announcement.

A lot of analysts have expected for Apple to launch its first smartwatch sometime during Q4 2014 (after many years of development), but even though the company has officially introduced the device to the public on the 9th of September, Apple enthusiasts will have to wait until sometime next year to get their hands on one.

Why the delay? It appears that the iWatch is an extremely ambitious project that required a lot of investment, study, trial and error, and how Apple would put it, pushing the boundaries of the industry’s limitations. However, it looks like Apple has finally decided when its highly anticipated smartwatch will enter mass production. Join us after the break for more details.


If you’ve been following the mid-2014 rumors related to Apple’s Watch, you’d have expected for the mass production to already be underway. However, this is definitely not the case. Not only that Apple said that the iWatch will go on sale in “early 2015”, but usually, when one of Apple’s toys enters mass production we witness all kinds of leaks, mainly depicting various components and sometimes even the final product. This definitely did not happen.

So when will Apple finally give the final go ahead?“, you ask. Well, according to the latest supply chain-originated rumor, sometime in January 2015.

According to this fresh new report, the only company that will assemble the iWatch will be Quanta Computer, a Taiwan based manufacturer. This contradicts earlier rumors which claimed that both Quanta and Inventec will handle the Apple Watch production. It’s most likely that both companies were courting Apple, but Inventec has been dropped somewhere along the line.

Quanta has allegedly received Apple’s heads-up and has begun making preparations (which involve increasing its worker head count to 4 million 40.000). Even more, it is said that Apple and Quanta have entered a deal which prohibits the Taiwanese company from manufacturing/assembling smartwatches for Apple’s rival OEMs.

Having a sole supplier/assemble is not how Apple usually does things, but given the complexity of the project, the Cupertino based company probably had to do a lot of exceptions. However, it’s not impossible to eventually see a 2nd or 3rd company picking up some of the iWatch orders, sometime next year.

That’s about it for now, we’ll keep you informed as soon as anything else surfaces.


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