Apple Reportedly Working On Dual Lens Camera Tech For More Than Three Years

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While some Android smartphone manufacturers have used the dual lens camera technology in some of their terminals for the past several years (most notably HTC and more recently Huawei), Apple maintained its rather conservative view on the matter and continued to equip the iPhone line-up with a single 8 MP camera that kept getting better with each new generation.

Interestingly enough however, fresh reports from Taiwan suggest that Apple has been secretly experimenting with dual lens camera tech for over three years now. Additionally, the Cupertino-based company should push the technology on the consumer market once the supply chain will catch up. More details right after the break.

Apple Reportedly Working On Dual Lens Tech For More Than Three Years

Apple Working on Dual Lens Tech for Over Three Years?

According to a new report from Business Weekly Taiwan (citing Altek’s CEO, Xiaru Wen), Apple “has been studying the dual lens” technology for three or more years. For those of you wondering, Altek is the company responsible for the creation of dual lens camera modules for both HTC and Huawei.

Xiaru Wen added that Apple already developed various applications to take advantage of the dual-lens camera technology, and that the only thing stopping the company from pushing the tech into production is the supply chain, which doesn’t seem to be able to produce enough units in a given amount of time (a.k.a. poor yield).

Reportedly, Apple (just like the other companies developing dual camera smartphones) has also been facing some technical issues, in that the dual lens setup blurred images because of optical axis deviation. Apparently this problem is usually solved through software wizardry, allowing for the accurate, real time, placement of the two lenses. However, Apple did not solve the problem in its own R&D labs and instead it relied on LinX Imaging – the company that was acquired by Apple in April, for the sum of roughly $20 million.

Now, to add even more credibility that Apple is indeed planning to switch to dual camera tech in the near future (2015 is out of the question, unfortunately), we need to look at Largan – the company that was recently rumored to have secured the production of 80% of all the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus camera lenses. Largan’s CEO, Linen Ping, recently attended a press conference where he revealed that the company is now working diligently on doubling its production capacity. For what purpose exactly, we do not know, but it’s logical to assume that if Apple is indeed planning to equip its future flagship(s) with a dual-lens camera setup, then Largan will have roughly twice as much work to do.

So what do you think? Will Apple become a latecomer to the dual-lens camera party? Would this type of technology make the future iPhones even more attractive and sought after?


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