ASUS Announces That It Has A “Feature Packed” Smartwatch In The Works

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It’s been said before, and you’ll hear it numerous times from now on: the wearable device market segment gets a lot of attention nowadays. While they had a rough start, smartwatches are becoming quite popular and companies with no prior experience in this field are planning on making a name for themselves. Last week we’ve received word that Acer is going to enter the wearable device segment by the end of 2014, and while a smartwatch appears to be on the table, the company also intends on creating a “distinctive” device that may not take the form of a wrist gadget.

Today it’s been reconfirmed that yet another company which is known more for its laptops and Transformer line of tablets, also plans on launching a smartwatch this year. As the title gave it away, we’re evidently referring to ASUS. Keep scrolling down for more details.

ASUS Announces That It Has A "Feature Packed" Smartwatch In The Works

ASUS Announces That It Has A “Feature Packed” Smartwatch In The Works

ASUS to Jump onto the Smartwatch Bandwagon

Earlier today in Taipei, Asustek Chairman -Jonney Shih- revealed that the company is working on creating a feature packed wearable device that’s going to fit into the smartwatch category. According to his sayings, ASUS will put its entire design thought into creating this gadget, mainly because “there are actually many challenges in this area“.

Jonney Shih also believes that a wearable device that lacks special features isn’t really that useful, and that the company will do whatever it takes to create a product that can truly replace our day-to-day watches.

We should also remind you that back in November 2013, Asustek told its investors that its plans are to unveil a range of wearable devices during the Computex Taipei trade show which will take place in June. Whether this mysterious smartwatch will make an appearance then and there remains to be seen, but we’re hoping for the best. Stay tuned and we’ll bring you more details as soon as we have them.



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