Upcoming ASUS Smartwatch To Incorporate Voice and Movement Control?

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Are any of our readers planning to buy a brand new smartwatch this year? If so, then you may already be aware of your options, including Samsung’s Gear 2 series. Nevertheless, this market segment is growing rapidly, and the near future seems to hold many other options. Not too long ago we’ve received word from ASUS that the computer giant is planning on making an impact on the smartwatch scene. To quote ASUS’ previous statement, the company’s upcoming wearable device will be “feature packed“.

We haven’t really been told what kind of features we can expect from this product, but recently, ASUS has rekindled our interest in its mysterious smartwatch, claiming that the gadget will most likely be designed to act as a complement for a smartphone, rather than a stand-alone product. Want to learn more? Keep scrolling down for details.

Upcoming ASUS Smartwatch To Incorporate Voice and Movement Control?

Upcoming ASUS Smartwatch To Incorporate Voice and Movement Control?

ASUS Smartwatch Features Revealed

Jonney Shih (CEO of Asustek) has recently revealed that the company’s goals are to create a wearable device that can be controlled through hand movements or voice commands. According to  Shih, the device would be more of a companion gadget for smartphones rather than a product that would work to its best of its abilities by itself. In other words, this pretty much confirms that what we should expect from the company is indeed a smartwatch.

In addition to these interesting features, ASUS is also considering the implementation of new options into the user interface. There’s no telling what these features might be, but what we’ve learned is that these additions have been made possible due to the display’s small dimensions.

It all sounds quite interesting, but there are, however, several challenges to face. Creating a smartwatch with movement controls and voice recognition would definitely make this market segment more interesting, but there are problems that need to be solved in terms of battery life. These features are quite energy consuming, and ASUS aims at offering a wearable gadget that can run on a tenth of the energy required by a smartphone.

More so, ASUS believes that the best way to break the ice is to deliver a gadget with an attractive price. Combining a low price tag with a feature packed smartwatch might be a difficult task indeed, but hopefully ASUS will manage to pull this off.

So what are your thoughts on these recent developments? Do you like the sound of what ASUS is working on? Would you care for a smartwatch that delivers voice recognition and movement controls? Share your thoughts below.


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