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Asus Transformer 2 Release Date Approaching ? Hardly A Surprise

by Vlad Andrici on November 5, 2011

Everybody that has been keeping a loose eye on the tablet market lately knows about it. Everybody loving tablets wants one. Every iPad owner is secretly jealous. And every blogger/reporter loves to write about it. Yep you guessed it (it wasn’t that hard and the title gave the subject away) – I’m talking about the highly anticipated Asus Transformer 2 (also dubbed Asus Transformer Prime but i have a hunch that the name won’t stick like it didn’t stick on the Galaxy Nexus).

Asus Transformer 2 Release Date

While at first we thought that the Kal-EL powered tablet will see the light of day sometime in 2012 (both Android and Windows 8 flavored) things have changed dramatically. Asus’ own Jonney Shih has recently stated in Hoing Kong that Asus Transformer 2 will be officially unveiled on November 9th. Therefore we are really confident that the tablet will hit shelves sometime mid-late November (early December at the latest). And if you wanted more proof that Transformer Prime will see the light of day soon we have another “evidence”: it has recently payed FCC a visit.

Asus Transformer 2 Prime Release Date Approaching ?

Asus Transformer 2 Prime Release Date Approaching ?

Note that the rumored November 9th release date (mentioned in a leaked document) won’t probably happen as it is hard to believe that Asus will officially announce the tablet and release it in stores the same day.

Asus Transformer 2

As far as the Asus Transformer 2 specs go, the star is the Nvidia Tegra 3 (codenamed Kal-El) quad core CPU. Other confirmed specs are a mini-HDMI port, a 14.5 hour battery and an SD card slot (and we’re also expecting a 10 inch display). Sadly the FCC documents are not revealing anything besides WiFI and Bluetooth capabilities. Probably Asus wants too keep them a secret until the 9th.

If you were expecting the Asus Transformer 2 to ship with Android 4 ICe Cream Sandwich we have some bad news: it seems like the tablet will ship with HoneyComb on board. However, we’re 99.99% sure the ICS will come as an update…we just don’t know when (probably sometime during Q1 2012).

Curious how the tablet will look? Well, we got you covered as some leaked pics of the Asus Transformer 2 Prime and its laptop dock have recently surfaced.

For more info check out our Asus Transformer 2 release date and specs guide.

Thanks Engadget for letting us know about the fact that the Asus Transformer 2 release date is quickly approaching.

  • Darrell

    Fudzilla now reports that the new Transformer Prime will ship in a few weeks after launch BUT to the US first as that is the most robust market for tablets then the rest of the globe. Apparently ASUS wants to copy a similar strategy as Apple in teasing the market then producing the goods later. Consumers have waited long enough and a backlash may be the result. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Plan B will be in place for me if they go ahead and delay getting this tab.

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