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AT&T and Samsung Team Up To Test The Carrier’s VoLTE Service

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It doesn’t take a keen eye to realize that in certain situations, smartphones evolve in parallel with mobile networks. LTE is a prime example of that, and the same goes for LTE-A. In any case, you might also be familiar with the fact that AT&T is expected to launch its VoLTE service by the end of 2014.

VoLTE allows for higher quality voice calls, but just as with regular LTE, a smartphone needs to be VoLTE-enabled in order to take full advantage of the network’s capabilities. So what smartphones might AT&T be using in order to test out its upcoming network? Well, Samsung fans are going to love this. More details below.

AT&T and Samsung Team Up To Test The Carrier's VoLTE Service

AT&T and Samsung Team Up To Test The Carrier’s VoLTE Service

AT&T Tests VoLTE Services Using Samsung Devices

According to the Korean media, AT&T has started using Samsung Galaxy smartphones in order to test its VoLTE service. You may be wondering why AT&T has picked Samsung for the task, and not another manufacturer such as Apple. After all, AT&T and the Cupertino giant have a lengthy collaboration history.

Well, the answer is simple: the iPhone can’t take advantage of VoLTE networks as it lacks this feature. In contrast, Samsung has launched its first VoLTE smartphone, in Korea, back in August 2012, in parallel with VoLTE services offered by Korean carriers SK Telecom and LG U+. That being said, analysts also claim that the launch of AT&T’s VoLTE network could also increase Samsung’s influence in the US.

As for other carriers, unfortunately Verizon has no plans on offering VoLTE services, and we’ll have to wait and see where the other big carriers stand on this subject. For those of you unfamiliar with this, VoLTE allows voice calls over LTE networks, as opposed to existing 3G networks, which translates into a faster connection and better call quality. Any thoughts?



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