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BBM for Android, iOS – Release Date Rumors

by Mihai Matei on September 6, 2013

BlackBerry Messenger / BBM for Android, iOS – Rumored Release Date

Summer came and went and now we’re taking our first steps into the next season which will bring us more rainy days and autumn leaves in the park; at least if you’re living in the same climate as I do. More to the point, the end of summer went past us and the BlackBerry Messenger / BBM for Android and iOS is still nowhere to be found.

We’ve discussed about the arrival of BBM on the two aforementioned platforms several times before (check out the BBM for Android preview) and today we’ll do the same. Unfortunately, the latest bits of information don’t look too good.

BlackBerry Messenger / BBM for Android, iOS - Release Date Rumors

BlackBerry Messenger / BBM for Android, iOS – Release Date Rumors

BlackBerry Messenger / BBM for Android and iOS

While it’s been said many times that BBM will arrive on Android by the end of the summer, this hasn’t happened and we’re once again shooting in the dark. Well, actually we’re left with a new rumor which indicates that a BlackBerry executive has recently revealed that BBM is now expected to land on Android and iOS near the end of October. The app will allegedly be packed with new features and will be a full-fledged messaging service for the two platforms, capable of competing with the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Anyway, the point is that, if you’re a BBM enthusiast, it appears that you may have to -once again- wait a bit longer before you’ll be able to experience the BlackBerry Messenger goodness on your Android or iOS device. On the brighter side of things, this delay may have been caused by BlackBerry’s intentions to deliver a better, more complex app/service. At least there’s that.

Once again, we’ll remind you that, at this point, the exact launch timeframe of this app is still not set in stone. Take it for what it is and stay tuned for more.

Thanks The Droid Guy for the heads-up regarding the rumored BlackBerry Messenger / BBM for Android, iOS release date.

  • W.T.Foxalot Will™

    You do know that the summer solstice officially ends September 21st right? Not when summer holiday is over and schools reopen.

  • Steve Works

    I’m getting tired of this.

  • Isaac

    well the black berry executive just tweeted bbm for iphone ios was sent to the appstore for review 2 weeks ago so it could be a couple of days or even hours untill its released you complete idiot no one trust this dumb ass !

  • nick

    http://reviewtimes.shinydevelo…, recently reviews show approval takes around 10-13 days so it should be on target for September 9-12 release

  • Anonymous

    September 17 will be the release date

  • Khayyal Kherais

    Apple is not at fault here, atleast in my opinion. Now here’s why I think so; iOS 7 have been out for developers after BB started their BBM project. Which BB either continued developing an iOS 6 app or because of the iOS 7 it delayed them. Anywho Alex said that they submitted the app on Friday (lets assume iOS 7), apple next Wednesday (Sep 11) emailed developers to submit their iOS 7 apps :S which makes no sense.

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