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BlackBerry Q10 Selling Like Hotcakes, US Release Date A Month Away

by Alina Rosu on May 4, 2013

BlackBerry Q10 Sales: Promising Ahead Of US Release Date

The BlackBerry Z10 has been first released a few months ago in Canada and UK, but unfortunately for the Canadian manufacturer, the smartphone apparently was not as successful as some would have expected, thus raising the stakes for the upcoming (at that time) BlackBerry Q10.

Now that this QWERTY-ed device has finally hit the store shelves in UK and Canada, the reports are in, and by the looks of it, the BB Q10 is one of the hottest devices ever!

Join us after the break for the whole story.

BlackBerry Q10 Selling Like Hotcakes, US Release Date A Month Away

BlackBerry Q10 Selling Like Hotcakes, US Release Date A Month Away

BlackBerry Q10 Sales – It Looks Promising

If there were any doubts the BlackBerry Q10 will be a success, they have now been scattered, as apparently the smartphone is selling like hotcakes in the UK.

According to the retailer Selfridges (an outlet of Carphone Warehouse and the only place in UK where the BlackBerry Q10 was available during the past weekend), within two hours of its release, the keyboard-based handset was out of stock.

While the Canadian company refused to release the official BlackBerry Q10 sale numbers, according to Michael Collins (a former Hedge Fund manager), who was present at Selfridges, exporters were buying the device in lots of 20 units.

Some might argue that due to limited inventory, even the BlackBerry Z10 had wrongly received positive early reports regarding its UK sales. But with over 2000 BB Q10 units being sold in the first few hours of availability, this can hardly be the case with its QWERTY-ed sibling.

But how about its US launch? The BlackBerry Q10 US release date is scheduled for late-May, and since the smartphone is definitely off to a good start, we think that, most likely, it will enjoy a high demand in the States as well.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks PhoneArena for the heads-up regarding BlackBerry Q10 UK sales.

  • camera531

    Late May is a joke. That’s a full 4 months after its “launch”, in the US I might add. BlackBerry still can’t execute in the US!

    • Paul Fezziwig

      Carriers and red tape have been dragging their feet, or were stuck with a bunch of old iphones to sell first, Blackberry offered the phone to them the same time as other countries, the usa was just the slowest to approve and sell them.

    • Denver778

      We can thank the FCC for that, not BB. Check out the process that has to take place. Ridiculous.

  • ron frazer

    USA is last. Not a big deal. USA is always last with everything. Lol

  • Steve B. Lem

    I expect the Q10 to succeed in the niche market of users that still want a physical keyboard. However, the keyboard severely compromises screen size, which, given the demand for larger screened devices (e.g., phablets), will not see widespread mass market adoption.

    • John Marchant

      You know this how?

      It is true that physical keyboards do not dominate the market, partly because consumers have moved to smartphones. However, business power users and government have traditionally been extremely loyal to physical keyboards — and of those, BB consistently ranks the best.

      Your prediction that these devices will not see widespread mass market adoption is difficult to accept in the face of this article statements that the Q10 has been flying off the shelves when the keyboard-less Z10 has already been available.

      • Steve

        A year ago I made the bold claim that the Q10 would not see widespread adoption in the US smartphone market. We knew a year ago that consumers were demanding larger screened devices and, this trend continues in 2014.

        The Q10, to use Steve Job’s Wayne Gretzky metaphor, was a classic example of skating to where the puck had been. Sure, the Q10 moved some units in the business world, but BB captured 0% of the consumer market in Q4 2013 (CIRP).

  • slam-bb9900

    Left out the powerful BES which excluded on the Q10 device. (active sync instead) One of the BB royalty user that stuck without an new upgrade device…Just out of luck and hopelessly on all OWA users…..

  • Graham Lacey

    I don’t quite understand why Blackberry don’t sell OEM directly from their site to circumvent the carriers. I know you have to get all your ducks in a row to do it right (as Google learnt a few years back) but getting devices in to people’s hands is paramount.

    • Anthony Taurus

      I understood that it had more to do with FCC approval than carrier approval. I can’t remember where I read that though. But, I believe it’s the hold up at the FCC that made the Z10 late and will make the Q10 late as well.

      • camera531

        It’s not the FCC or the carriers. AT&T and T-Mobile finished testing weeks ago (both are virtually identical to Rogers testing in Canada), and the FCC approved the phones in mid-March. This one is all on Blackberry. I’m guessing that they can’t make enough inventory, or are foolishly trying to get “buzz” before a US launch. It’s horrible mismanagement on their part.

  • Fnkychld

    The Q10 will be obsolete by the time it’s released in the US. Launching the product 5 months before the release date is crazy. That’s a quarter of its lifespan and it is already behind the times in the first place.

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