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BlackBerry Q10, Z10: BlackBerry 10.2 Update – What Can We Expect

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With the BlackBerry 10.1 update probably rolled-out to the majority of BlackBerry’s BB 10 powered smartphones, people have already begun wondering what’s next, what enhancements and features will the Canadian company bring to its new OS. If you are part of the aforementioned group of people, you’ll be happy to find out that a new BlackBerry update (BB 10.2) is currently in the works.

With $84M in losses during Q2 2013, despite increased revenue and shipments, things don’t look great for the Canadian manufacturer, but this hasn’t stopped the company from trying to improve its BB 10 operating system, and we now have a better idea of what the next update – BlackBerry 10.2 – is going to bring to the table.

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BlackBerry Q10, Z10 BlackBerry 10.2 Update - What Can We Expect

BlackBerry Q10, Z10 BlackBerry 10.2 Update – What Can We Expect

BlackBerry 10.2 to Bring Several Improvements

Back in late-May, Michael Clewley (BlackBerry’s Product Manager) confirmed the company’s plans to release a new update to its top-of-the-line operating system, update that will bring multiple alarms, Unicode emoji as well level 1 notifications.

Now, a couple of months later, several screenshots have surfaced allowing us to get a better picture of what the new update will bring: BlackBerry 10.2 smartphones will apparently have a new App Manager option in the Settings Menu, the possibility to add calendars to the BlackBerry Hub as well as the ability to reply to a message directly from the notification area.

Another new and pretty cool feature is Wi-Fi Direct support which allows you to establish a connection and share items between two devices, via Wi-Fi, without using a router. Everything sounds pretty good already, but BlackBerry will most likely add additional features before the update gets released. And speaking of release dates, the BlackBerry 10.2 update is expected to be launched sometime later this year.

Want to see how the the BB10.2 update behaves and looks like on a BlackBerry Q10? Check out the video below (alpha version of the update)


Source: CrackBerry Forums.