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BlackBerry R10 – What We Know So Far (+ Pics)

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BlackBerry R10 – A New Mid-Range Qwerty-ed Smartphone

Great news for those of you who would like to buy a new BlackBerry 10 QWERTY-ed smartphone, but aren’t very thrilled with the pretty steep price tag the Canadian manufacturer is asking for its BlackBerry Q10.

The company formerly known as RIM (Research in Motion) is going to release a brand new affordable QWERTY-keyboard smartphone known as the BlackBerry R10, and we recently got to have a glimpse at how the handset will look like and what is rumored to have under its hood.

You’ll find all the necessary details after the break.

BlackBerry R10 - What We Know So Far (+ Pics)

BlackBerry R10 – What We Know So Far (+ Pics)

BlackBerry R10 Specs 

BlackBerry is best known for its really awesome QWERTY-keyboard smartphones, and by now, it’s pretty clear that the BlackBerry Q10 is a success, as the device is selling like hotcakes.

But since not everybody is willing to pay as much as the Canadian company is asking for the Q10 (the handset has a higher price tag than most of top-notch smartphones available on the market), BlackBerry is going to release a budget-friendly QWERTY-ed device as well.

The rumored specs of this low-cost BB R10 are pretty decent. The handset is supposed to come with a 3.1-inch display (and 720 x 720 screen resolution), 2GB or RAM, 8GB of internal storage, 1800 mAh battery (non-removable, though), a 5MP rear-facing camera, and of course, the BlackBerry 10 OS.

BlackBerry R10 Flavored in Red

BlackBerry R10 Flavored in Red

Additionally, the smartphone was pictured in three flavors: Red, White and Black, so it will most likely be available in all of them.

Regarding its release date or price tag, not much is known at this point, but we’ll make sure to bring you up to speed as soon as we have more information about it. In the meantime, let us know in the comments section what do you think about how the BlackBerry R10 is shaping up? Interested in buying one?

Thanks Phone Arena for the tips regarding BlackBerry R10 specs.

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