BlackBerry Z10 Update Improves Battery Life and Camera Performance

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BlackBerry Z10 Update: Find Out What It Brings

We have some pretty good news for those of you who bought a BlackBerry Z10 or for those of you out there who are considering the possibility of buying one but are not sure whether or not it’s the right gadget for their needs.

Well, if you haven’t decided already and you’re being turned off by the idea that the BlackBerry Z10 doesn’t provide enough battery life, or that there are gadgets out there with a better main camera, you’ll definitely want to read this. More details below.

BlackBerry Z10 Update Improves Battery Life and Improves Camera Performance

BlackBerry Z10 Update Improves Battery Life and Improves Camera Performance

BlackBerry Z10 Update Arrives – Fixes Issues

Here’s something we rarely see folks, a company that listens carefully to its customers. BlackBerry has recently launched a new software update for the BlackBerry Z10, containing a whole lot of tweaks and improvements in order to improve upon two main characteristics of the device: battery life and camera.

Many Z10 owners have complained about the rather poor battery life and the fact that the rear-facing sensor is not really that great when it comes to taking pictures in low-light conditions, so BlackBerry picked up the slack, and although the gadget barely got launched, it released the first OS update that is supposed to improve the camera and battery life.

The update weighs about 150 MB in size and it’s delivered OTA, so if you do happen to own a Z10 then you might want to grab it as soon as possible.

BlackBerry hasn’t revealed how much more battery juice this update manages to deliver, but the company claims that it has made 60 improvements regarding this matter.

Furthermore, once you apply the update you should also notice that third party applications run “fast and smooth” and video playback while in a browser should be a more pleasant experience.

All in all, if BlackBerry keeps this up and continues to deliver timely updates while listening to its customers, we might witness some changes on the mobile market, as (hopefully) other manufacturers will follow BB’s example.

Thanks Phone Arena for the heads-up regarding the BlackBerry Z10 update.