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Budget iPhone (Light) – Looks Cheap As Hell (If This Is It)

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Even though Apple is still silent about its plans for 2013 (as far as smartphones go), everybody is expecting for the Cupertino based company to soon release both the iPhone 5S (which seems to have gone into mass production) and a budget iPhone (aka iPhone Light).

While the iPhone 5S has been extensively leaked lately, its affordable counterpart has pretty much flown under the radar (with the exception of several fake pics and sketchy specs rumors). However, today we’ve stumbled on what very well could be the first real pics of the smartphone’s back panel.

Check them out and join us after the break.




First of all, it looks cheap as hell. If this is indeed the real deal (like the source of the above pics claims), Apple will disappoint a lot of people. And if we take into account that Pegatron’s CEO (the manufacturer that will most probably produce the so called iPhone Light) has recently stated that the “cheap” iPhone won’t really be that cheap…we’ll let you finish this sentence.

The back panel pictured above seems to adhere to the scarce details that have surfaced about the budget iPhone. It’s green (one of the rumored flavors), has curved edges and the camera and LED flash are positioned just like in the sketches that have recently surfaced.

What do you think? Real of fake? Would be a good idea for Apple to release such a cheap looking iPhone (with a not so cheap price tag)? Would you be interested in owning an affordable Apple smartphone? Let us know in the comments section.

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