More Budget iPhone / iPhone Lite Leaks Turn Out To Be Fake

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Our readers might remember when, a few days ago, we proved that the colorful budget iPhone back panels which have surfaced lately are fake. Again, we feel the need to mention that the pictures themselves are not fake/Photoshopped. However, the products depicted are not official (from Apple or Foxconn) but produced in various China-based shops.

Today we have enough proof that at least three more so called “leaks” are actually pics of “unofficial” products.

Join us after the break for the whole story.


What you see above, is one of the first “budget iPhone leaks“. This one got a lot of attention because the guys at Engadget have decided to report on it.

At the moment, this case goes for 320 Yuan (roughly $52) and can be ordered from (search for iPhone 5S and in the price range enter 320-320 — it will be on the first line of results).

We used Google Translate on the sales page and we found this line to be interesting:

This is the model, not a real machine! Model due to the factory side screen changed without prior notice.

So this was either a fake product from the get go or Apple changed its mind and modified the design. Obviously, we think it’s the former. Let’s move on to the second “leak“.


We reported on the above case (because it’s a case not an actual smartphone) yesterday. Like we guessed, this one is a fake product too and can be acquired from the same site (which it’s kind of like an Amazon for Chinese based manufacturers) for 350 Yuan (roughly $57). How can you find it yourself? Search by iPhone 5S and enter 350-350 in the price range. This one even has more photos, check them out.





Like we already mentioned yesterday, this looks a hell of a lot like the device starring in the “budget iPhone” hands-on video that has been promoted like hell all over the World Wide Web.

For those of you not up to date, an unknown company called Techdy claimed that it got its hands on an iPhone Lite and used the dummy unit to promote its own cheap Android. I think it’s safe to say their little stunt payed off.

While the display (probably only a glass) of the above product looks different, the back panel is identical.


If you decide to get your hands dirty and do some investigating yourself, you’ll discover the fact that these cases are not coming from just one manufacturer. Nope, there are a handful of such small Chinese enterprises offering them.

So, what do we know about Apple’s upcoming cheap iPhone? Most likely nothing…

What’s your opinion? Let us know in the comments section.

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