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Looking To Buy A TV ? LG Google TVs and LM7600 Series Are Over 40% Off At Amazon

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I know that this is not that much up on our alley, but this is the deal we could not give up on. If you are looking to buy a TV, LG’s Google TVs and their LM Series are over 40% off at Amazon. Up to this point, the LG smart TV market was not exactly accessible considering the price tags we saw in this sector. However, this great discount might just make these models more appealing.

For example, the LG 55G2 55-inch Google TV is now available for $1,397 while the 47-inch model is selling for $1000. The first model sees a massive discount from the original $2,300 price tag. With an over $900 save, I bet that there will be plenty of users out there who would want to go for this deal.

Looking To Buy A TV ? LG Google TVs and LM Series Are Over 40% Off At Amazon

Looking To Buy A TV ? LG Google TVs and LM Series Are Over 40% Off At Amazon

The LG LM7600 Series also see similar discounts, the 55-inch model going for $1,597 and the 47-inch model is similarly priced to the 47-inch LG Google TV ($1000).

For this amount of money you get access to a massive LED backlit display that features 3D technology thrown into the mix. There are battery free glasses, 2D to 3D content conversion and thanks to the massive 120 Hz refresh rate you will not be missing any of the action.

The remote control features a full qwerty keyboard allowing you to get more for your button presses and the list of features is simply mind blowing. If you have the money, check out the excellent LG Google TV deals as well as the LG LM Series deals! Let us know if you’re on to any of these models!

Ok, enough talking, here are the links:

LG 55G2 55-Inch Cinema 3D (Google TV) – $1397

LG 47G2 47-Inch Cinema 3D (Google TV) – $1000

LG Cinema Screen 55LM7600 55-Inch Cinema 3D -$1597

[UPDATE] The 55LM8600 Series (dual-core) is also insanely discounted – $1600

LG Cinema Screen 47LM7600 47-Inch Cinema 3D -$1000