Supply Chain: “Don’t Believe The 4-inch iPhone 6 (Mini) Rumors”

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During the past several weeks, a rather intriguing rumor has been passed along the blogosphere, suggesting that Apple might go back to its roots and launch a 4-inch iPhone 6 model by the end of 2015. Following the initial rumor, numerous sources have cited various analysts including two from Zacks and Cowen and Company, who have claimed knowledge that Apple will indeed launch a smaller iPhone 6 in 2015, sporting a display measuring something close to 4-inches.

The rumors started gaining grip and the media began referring to this device as the iPhone 6 Mini, but despite all the chatter regarding this mysterious device, new sources are now claiming that the 4-inch iPhone 6 rumors are not to be believed. More details below.

Supply Chain: "Don't Believe The 4-inch iPhone 6 (Mini) Rumors"

Supply Chain: “Don’t Believe The 4-inch iPhone 6 (Mini) Rumors”

4-inch iPhone 6 (Mini) – Don’t Believe The Hype?

Earlier today, the Apple hub known as the “Wei Feng Network” cited supply chain sources who have stated that we should not believe the rumors according to which the Cupertino-based giant is working on a new 4-inch iPhone. The sources claim that Apple has not made any new tasks / orders to its supply chain for a new 4-inch smartphone, so at least for now these rumors don’t seem to have a strong foundation.

Then again, the initial rumor also started from a supply chain source cited by the Chinese media, so at the moment the story could go both ways. Apple going back to the old 4-inch form factor does sound a bit far-fetched, and as the source puts it, returning to a 4-inch display after putting great emphasis on the new 4.7-inch iPhone 6 would probably lead to a market failure similar to the iPhone 5C.

Well, it is a bit too early in the year to draw any final conclusions, but the rumor mill keeps on grinding and more info on the matter should surface soon – assuming of course that they won’t die off completely, in which case the rumors will indeed be proven wrong.

Would you be interested in a 4-inch iPhone 6 (Mini)? Or do you think this strategy could damage Apple’s reputation?



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