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Google Glass Alternative/Competitor To Be Showcased In Japan?

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Don’t know if you noticed, but the buzz around Google’s Glass seems to have settled to more “ordinary” levels. We’re no longer assaulted by Glass related articles whenever we go online, but this will most likely change when Google will unveil more details regarding availability, price or new features.

However, the Mointain View based company is no longer the only corporation working on wearable computers with an OHMD (optical head-mounted display), as more and more manufacturers are joining the race.

The latest such “Google Glass alternative” to rear its head is the “Intelligent Glass” which will soon be showcased by Japan’s NTT Docomo. Does it sound intriguing? Join us after the break for more.


NTT Docomo, Japan’s predominant mobile operator, has just announced that it will demo, at CEATEC 2013 – Japan’s equivalent of CES, a “glasses-type wearable device” going by the name of “Intelligent Glass” (pictured above).

According to the carrier’s press release, the device will incorporate some nice features like face recognition (if the individual is recognized, the user will see its known info on the HUD), character recognition (characters written in a foreign language will be identified and translated into Japanese), and two types of interfaces: “Anything” and “Spatial“. The translation does not help us here (the press release is in Japanese), but from what we understand, it has something to do with augmented reality and virtual keyboards.

It definitely sounds interesting but what do you make of its design? Could this “Intelligent Glass” be a real alternative to Google Glass or is it just a technological demo? We’ll probably know more once CEATEC 2013 opens its doors (1st of October).

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