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Google Maps for iPhone – Not 100% Reliable Either ?

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We had a few good laughs last week thanks to Samsung, again, and its promotional stunt against Apple and iOS Maps. The story is pretty interesting so in case you’ve missed it you should check it out. Nonetheless, the short version is that iOS Maps has failed greatly in Australia and the Mildura Police had to intervene in order to rescue a handful of people that were misguided by the app.

Funnily enough, shortly after these events Google has released Google Maps on iOS, so we’ve said goodbye to iOS Maps while greeting this much reliable alternative. Nonetheless, Google’s solution is not flawless either. More details below.

Google Maps for iPhone - Not 100% Reliable Either ?

Google Maps for iPhone - Not 100% Reliable Either ?

Google Maps for iPhone

Apparently, Google Maps seems to fall a bit short when it comes to offering navigation as well, and guess where ? Yep you got it, in Australia.

The Australian police has recently warned people that Google Maps is not 100% reliable either so they should proceed with caution. To be more precise, according to the police in Colac, Australia, those driving in the southern Otways and along the Great Ocean Road are at risk of ending up on the Wild Dog Road if they follow Google Maps, a one-way road which has not been built for heavy traffic.

Google responded quickly and explained that people are going to be rerouted towards Forrest Apollo Road and Skenes Creek Road in order to avoid the Wild Dog Road, unless of course their destination is on that particular one-way road.

All in all, the point is that Google Maps might not be 100% reliable either, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. In-car navigation has caused a lot of problems in the past and it’s really not a good idea to rely entirely on these systems. But strictly speaking about Google and iOS Maps, I feel that many Apple enthusiasts are now trying to take advantage of this rather insignificant event in order to gain some ground, which is why I personally believe that the only reason why this “Wild Dog Road report” has become newsworthy, is simply because of what happened with iOS Maps. It’s not as if Google Maps has routed people in an Australian National Park, 70 kilometers away from their destination. Now that would be newsworthy! Oh wait…

Thanks Pocket Now for the heads-up on the latest regarding Google Maps for iPhone.

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