Rumor: Very Low Priced, MediaTek Google Nexus Smartphone In The Works

As it happens every year, Google is expected to unveil new hardware by the end of 2014, and perhaps even the next step in the evolution of Android OS. There have been countless rumors suggesting that Google is working on a Nexus 8 tablet, while Nexus 6 smartphone also seems inevitable.

As most of you know, one of the many reasons why gadget enthusiasts are fans of the “Nexus” brand is because Google has managed to find a good price-performance ratio. In the case of its smartphones, the search engine giant has been able to deliver flagship phones at a much lower price than what the rest of the market is asking for similarly equipped devices. In any case, the “Nexus” smartphone series is regarded as being a top-tier line-up, and given the lower retail prices, it seems that there hasn’t been a need for low-to-mid-range Google smartphones to exist. However, things might change in the near future. More after the break.


MediaTek Google Nexus Smartphone in the Works?

Just moments ago we’ve found a very interesting report coming from a Chinese online publication that focuses on “everything-MediaTek”. According to the source’s “trusted insiders from Taiwan supply chains”, Google has now teamed up with the chip maker “MediaTek” in order to build a very low priced smartphone. The handset would supposedly hit the shelves at prices as low as $100!

If this budget-friendly MediaTek Google Nexus smartphone is in the works, then we can assume that the device will not be replacing the flagship Nexus series. It may in fact be a low-mid-range device, designed specifically to compete with the likes of Xiaomi (and the Red Rice / Hongmi series). Perhaps Google is feeling the heat from Amazon, now that the giant retailer seems to have gotten its first smartphone very close to the finish line.

In any case, if these rumors are true and Google is indeed working with MediaTek to create a dirt-cheap smartphone, would you be interested in buying one? What would determine you to purchase a low-mid-range Google smartphone?