Apple Anticipates Heavy iPhone 6 Demand, Suppliers Struggling To Keep Up

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I’m guessing that the majority of our readers are already aware of the fact that Apple is expected to “re-launch” the iPhone this year. With the iPhone 5S being released last year, the time for refreshes has come to an end, at least for now. In other words, every gadget enthusiast out there expects the Cupertino-based giant to make at least a few leaps forward in terms of design, specs and screen dimensions with this year’s iPhone iteration(s)

With the iPhone 6 slowly but surely becoming one of the most anticipated smartphone of the year, Apple is preparing to move a hell of a lot of units, and according to the latest rumors, Apple’s part suppliers are struggling to keep up. More details after the break.

Apple Anticipates Heavy iPhone 6 Demand, Suppliers Struggling To Keep Up

Apple Anticipates Heavy iPhone 6 Demand, Suppliers Struggling To Keep Up

Apple Anticipates Heavy iPhone 6 Demand

Most of you might not be aware of this, but the iPhone 6 will make extensive use of HDI any-layer printed circuit boards. This isn’t really breaking news, as the technology in question is not brand new. Nevertheless, any-layer PCBs allow all electrical connections between individual layers to be made via laser-drilled microvias. In turn, this means that the technology allows the manufacturer to freely and easily interconnect layers.

In any case, without getting too technical about whatever makes the handset tick, the latest reports coming from the Chinese media suggest that Apple anticipates a high iPhone 6 demand. Apple’s main HDI any-layer PCB suppliers will supposedly start manufacturing the iPhone 6’s printed circuit boards sometime by the end of this month (June), and the total number of PCBs is expected to top 90-to-100 million units (most likely for both iPhone variants, which probably means that both versions of the iPhone 6 will be released roughly during the same period of time).

The components will start being assembled in July, but the source hasn’t specified whether the 4.7 inch iPhone will have priority, or if both smartphones will start being assembled at the same time. Either way, the task of supplying the any-layer PCBs falls on the shoulders of Ibiden (Japan), AT&S (Austria), TTM Technologies (California, US) and Compeq (Taiwan), just to name a few of the more important ones. The same report claims that the aforementioned any layer PCB suppliers are on a tight schedule because of the huge amount of units ordered by Apple.

Meanwhile, late last week word reached our ears that Samsung might’ve cut back on its Samsung Galaxy S5 orders for Q3 2014 by 25%, in anticipation of the iPhone 6’s arrival.

All in all, the iPhone 6 is becoming one of the hottest topics in the mobile world, and we’re hoping that Apple will be able to meet our expectations.