Hong Kong 10/19 – (Droid Prime) Google Nexus Prime Release Date Announcement ?

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If you have been keeping track of our page then more power to you! In that case you might’ve heard about the recent press release from the folks over at Samsung and Google. The press release was in regards to the two companies deciding to postpone the Unpacked event at which they were supposed to announce the (Droid Prime) Google Nexus Prime release date because of the recent passing of Steve Jobs. There have been a number of new dates thrown around, yet nothing has been confirmed (check our Google Nexus Prime release date and specs guide for more info). Some even speculated that the launch has been pushed back but we’re happy to let you know that there is hope on the horizon, as the latest rumor is pointing towards a new release date announcement!

Google Nexus Prime Release Date

The leak came during the CTIA festivities from an “inside source” which said that both Google and Samsung might be showing off the new Google Nexus Prime at an event scheduled in Hong Kong on the 19th of October. That would put the next possible announcement of the upcoming Google Nexus Prime about a week away from now. For those of you living in the US who would be interested, you should stay tuned on the 18th of October (because of the time zone difference) in regards to the event.

Hong Kong 10/19 - (Droid Prime) Google Nexus Prime Release Date Announcement ?

This would put the Google Nexus Prime/ Android Ice Cream Sandwich announcement just a few days away from the moment this article is set up, so if this turns out to be true, Google and Samsung should drop us a line in the near future.

The reason for which this official announcement should come soon is in order to give time to gadget and smartphone oriented magazines and web-sites to set up traveling arrangements. The event would coincide with the AsiaD: All things digital event next week.

Hopefully we’ll get to know more soon enough as this basically put a stop to the rumor according to which we would be seeing a potential Google Nexus Prime release date announcement in London. Make sure to stay tuned!

Thanks Engadget for letting us know about the possible Google Nexus Prime release date announcement in Hong Kong.