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HTC Butterfly S Surfaces – Could It Be The Butterfly 2 / HTC Droid DNA 2

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Like some of you might remember, before HTC One got launched on the market, the Taiwanese company announced that this will be its only flagship phone for 2013, its “ALL IN” bet if you will.

However, soon after the announcement, rumors about a certain HTC Butterfly 2 have started making the rounds. You guys remember the HTC Butterfly right? It was HTC’s late 2012 flagship, and even though it packed quite a punch and was the first smartphone with an 1080p display, it wasn’t a resounding success. The reason for that was mostly because its limited availability: it was released in Japan (as HTC J Butterfly), in US (as HTC Droid DNA, exclusively available at Verizon) and in a handful of other markets.

Why didn’t HTC release the Butterfly / Droid DNA on a wider scale? Well, probably because the company was busy developing the HTC One, but we’re only taking a wild guess here.


Anyway, back to the subject at hand, we always thought that if HTC will indeed release a follow-up to the HTC Butterfly / Droid DNA, this will turn out to be a better handset than the HTC One. Why? Mainly because HTC One felt more like a refined HTC Butterfly (better build, slightly more powerful processor, different camera tech) than a whole new product. Let’s put it this way, if HTC would have named the One – HTC Butterfly S (in classic Apple fashion), very few would have minded.

But what did i just say? HTC Butterfly S? Hot damn! Check out the screenshot below.


As you can see above, we have just stumbled on a HTC published user agent profile (aka UA PROF) that mentions a certain HTC Butterfly S.

As some of you might know, user-agent profiles are not disclosing too much info about the handest they were made for.

However, one thing that can be said about the HTC Butterfly S is that it will have an 1080p display (1080×1920). Another detail we found in the aforementioned US Prof is the fact that the “HTC Butterfly S” will come without a-la-Nexus Soft Keys and will probably stick to capacitive buttons “prf:NumberOfSoftKeys”0″prf:NumberOfSoftKeys”.

Could this be the rumored HTC Butterfly 2 (codnamed HTC DLX Plus) that surfaced several times already? Or who knows, maybe HTC will stay true to its word, won’t release a better handset than the HTC One in 2013, and the HTC Butterfly S will be a mid range offering (kind of like how HTC One S was next to HTC One X). But a mid-range smartphone with a 1080p display? Interesting times we’re living in.

Check out the UA Prof in its entirety.

[UPDATE] In the past, the PO68 series has been associated with the DLXPLUS series. The URL to the user agent profile we provided above contains PO682, which would make it part of the aforementioned line of devices. And since the HTC DLX was Butterfly’s codename … well, there is a high probability that Butterfly S will be an improved follow-up.

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