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HTC Butterfly S: HTC’s Newest Flagship Phone (HTC Butterfly S vs HTC One)

by Vlad Andrici on July 3, 2013

As some of you might remember, a couple of months before the HTC One was released on the market, the Taiwanese company announced that the smartphone will be its only 2013 flagship. The head of HTC UK said, at the time, that this new strategy will allow the manufacturer to focus all its marketing and financial strength on promoting only one device – THE “ONE” device.

The new approach made sense, because HTC had previously made some really bad marketing decisions. The 2012 HTC One series has been a fiasco from this point of view, with o multitude of devices seemingly stepping on each other’s virtual toes – we had the HTC One X, One X+, One S, One V, One XL, One SV, One XC, One VX and several other versions. To say that the brand was diluted would be an understatement. If you add the fact that the HTC One X (and then the One X+) was an AT&T exclusive and that the company also launched, in late 2012, the HTC Butterfly (another flagship whose US model, the Droid DNA, is still a Verizon bound device) you can get an overview of HTC’s chaotic way of doing business (which reflected in the company’s disastrous financial results).

The HTC One was meant to address all of the above, with the smartphone being released on (almost) every major carrier in the world, around the same time (a plan which eventually failed), and without any “carrier driven customizations“. It was a risky (we even said at the time that “HTC Is Going All In“) but logical move. And then the HTC Butterfly S happened ….

Even though it was clear that the HTC Butterfly S was shaping up to be a better overall handset than the HTC One, we now have several pieces of evidence to back up our claims – HTC Butterfly S vs HTC One Benchmarks. Check them out.

NOTE: HTC Butterfly S on the left, HTC One on the right.

htc-butterfly-s-vs-htc one-f-01

htc-butterfly-s-vs-htc one-f-02

htc-butterfly-s-vs-htc one-f-03

htc-butterfly-s-vs-htc one-f-04

Well, it looks like, although not by much, the HTC Butterfly S overpowers the HTC One and it can successfully claim the title of current HTC flagship.

Besides having more processing power than the HTC One (most probably thanks to its higher clocked CPU – 1.9 Ghz vs 1.7 Ghz), the Butterfly s also has a much bigger battery (3200 mAH vs 2300 mAh). Other than, that the two devices are pretty much identical.

For those of you out there eager to claim that the HTC Butterfly S is for the HTC One what the Galaxy Note 2 is for the Galaxy S3, the difference in screen size between the HTC devices is of only 0.3 inches while the Note 2 completely overshadows the S3 (it has a 0.7 inches bigger display).

What do you think? Would you be interested in the Butterfly S if it will receive a wider release? Would you like to see this device at Verizon as the HTC Droid DNA 2? Has HTC tricked its fans by claiming that the One will be its most powerful device for 2013? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • TheAtheistReverend

    I will switch to whatever carrier gets this phone.

  • Steve

    I would love to see this device on Verizon as the HTC Butterfly S, NOT as the Droid Doo Doo Poppycock DNA 2+ Squat CrapShoot. However, by the time Verizon actually SAYS they will carry this phone and the ACTUAL time it’s released we will already have a thriving colony on Mars and we will all be communicating via instantaneous time portals to the outer reaches of the universe and Jesus will have already had his second coming so like whats the point??????????????

  • Ranger

    No, this phone need to stay overseas in Taiwan where it belongs. It is totally outside of the stated goal for the HTC One as the flagship phone for HTC in 2013. Failure to follow the marketing plan outline in their press release when the One was developed would prove disastrous for the company.

    As a retailer it would make me look like I lied to my customers base by selling the One as the flagship phone. This would be something I would hold them accountable for in the future when ever their products would be in my locations. Additionally, I would very quickly sell my current One and buy the GS4 as it is considered Samsung’s current flagship. So, my suggestion to HTC is ship the Butterfly to the US if you want however it WILL definitely alienate your customer base not to mention retailers across the US.

  • tarfeef101

    But it doesn’t have LTE. It’s like the Nexus 4 all over again

  • teamdren

    Yes, with 4G on Verizon please!

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