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HTC Butterfly S – Better Than HTC One? (Release Date Details Inside)

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HTC Butterfly S – Flagship or The Odd Kid On The Block?

HTC’s Butterfly is not one of the manufacturer’s oldest devices, but the company is already preparing a replacement. We covered in the past the rumors surrounding the HTC Butterfly S (Droid DNA 2), but now we have official word from HTC in regards to Butterfly S’ release date and features.

Although initially dubbed HTC Butterfly 2, the Butterfly S is a massive 5-inch smartphone which takes a lot of design cues from the HTC One. Overall, the handset appears to be a slightly beefed up version of the HTC One. Interested in more details? Join us after the break for more.

HTC Butterfly S - Release Date Info and Features

HTC Butterfly S – Release Date Info and Features

With the Butterfly S you are getting Android Jelly Bean (we don’t know yet which iteration) with HTC’s Sense 5 UI on top. The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor clocked at 1.9 GHz per core. The display features a 1080p resolution with a 440 pixel per inch density and comes protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3. There are 2 GB of RAM at your disposal and 16 GB of storage (expandable via a micro SD card slot).

The HTC Butterfly S also features front-facing BoomSound speakers with Beats Audio enhancements, an UltraPixel front facing camera and a massive 3200 mAh battery. By the looks of it, the Butterfly S is hitting all the right spots but it remains to be seen how it fares when compared to the heralded HTC One.

HTC is preparing a lot of new hardware in the shape of the One Mini, the Butterfly S and the red and blue variants of the HTC One.

The only thing I am a little bit confused about is the company’s statement from earlier this year according to which it will launch a single high-end smartphone this year. Isn’t the Butterfly S a better phone? It sure seems like it if you look at the massive battery capacity, higher clocked CPU and a few other minor details.

With HTC One sales still going strong, I am worried that the Butterfly S might make those of you who bought the One feel a little bit disappointed. The HTC Butterfly S release date is set for July in Asia-Pacific markets, but so far no word on when those living in North America or Europe will get it.

Would you be interested in HTC’s new superphone?Also let us know what you feel right now if you recently bought an HTC One. Drop us a line in the comments section below!

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