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HTC Desire 8 Teased By HTC, Announcement Scheduled For February 24th?

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As some of you might remember, several days ago news broke out that HTC might have a new phablet in the making, phablet dubbed Desire 8.

According to previous rumored info, this is supposed to be a mid-range device with a 5.5 inch display, a 13MP main camera, and a 5MP front facing shooter. And while we haven’t been able to confirm these specs, we stumbled on an official acknowledgement of the device, along with a possible announcement date. Interested in what HTC is cooking? Then join us after the break.



The pics you see above have been recently posted on HTC’s official Weibo account. Aside from the fact that they are confirming the Desire 8 moniker and that the render that surfaced last week is accurate, the HTC representatives behind this Weibo account are also hinting when the device will be announced: the second pic shows how the weather will be on 24th of February, at 10:00, in Beijing.

Although the weather prediction is for Beijing, the announcement will probably take place at MWC as we doubt that the manufacturer will host a parallel event in China, which chances are will be totally overlooked in favor of MWC’s press conferences. There’s always the possibility that this will be a Chinese exclusive device, but it’s to early to speculate.

Another thing that HTC is teasing is Desire 8’s ability to take photos and some kind of post processing technology (maybe the rumored “beautification” mode?). The rough (and funny) translation of the second picture goes like this “I like to take pictures and i also like to show the essence of selfies“.

So, a mid-range HTC phablet, with on screen buttons, and interesting camera features? Would you be interested? We’ll be on the look-out for more details…



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