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HTC Desire 820 Will Be The First 64-bit Android Smartphone (Updated)

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[Update] Scroll towards the end of the article for the official confirmation and a look at the smartphone’s design.

Although HTC is far from being the largest Android smartphone manufacturer around, throughout the years the Taiwanese company managed to stand out from the crowd by being the first to adopt and introduce new features. Back in 2008 HTC was the first manufacturer to introduce the Android OS to the smartphone market with the help of the HTC Dream (also known as the T-Mobile G1). A few years later, the first 1080p smartphone display made its way towards consumers via the original HTC Butterfly. Not only that, but the HTC One X also became the 1st Android device to make use of a primary camera with an f/2 aperture.

Needless to say, HTC is a road opener, and interestingly enough, the Taiwanese smartphone maker recently published a new teaser image, suggesting that the upcoming Desire 820 will also go down in history books as the first smartphone to… well, we don’t know for sure yet, but we do have a clue. More details below.

HTC Desire 820 Will Be The First 64-bit Android Smartphone (Official Hint)

HTC Desire 820 Will Be The First 64-bit Android Smartphone (Official Hint)

HTC Desire 820 to be the First 64-bit Android Smartphone?

The image seen above was recently shared by HTC via its official Weibo account, and as you can tell, the Taiwanese company lists those instances in which its previous devices paved the way for a lot of cool tech we’re now-a-days seeing in almost every smartphone on the market. We’ve mentioned the original Dream, the Butterfly and the One X, but the list goes on to include the HTC One M7 (the first smartphone to abandon the battle for megapixels in favor of a 4 MP UltraPixel unit), as well as this year HTC One M8 with its unique Duo Camera setup.

Interestingly enough, HTC also includes the HTC Desire 820 in this list, but fails to specify the key aspect which will make it unique. However, based on previous rumors we could speculate that the Desire 820 could become the first Android smartphone to feature a 64-bit processor by Qualcomm, most likely the Snapdragon 615 octa-core, or perhaps the quad-core SD 610.

Whatever the case, the HTC Desire 820 might become one of the company’s “hall of fame” smartphones, so we’re definitely going to keep a close eye on how the story will develop. The aforementioned device might make an appearance at IFA in Berlin, so chances are that we’ll learn whatever mysteries the Desire 820 holds in less than two weeks from now.

Anyone care to guess what the smartphone’s “secret weapon” will be? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

[UPDATE] It has officially been confirmed, people! Take a look


On its official Weibo account, HTC just posted the above pic with the (translated) tag-line: # World’s first 8-core 64 Qualcomm phone # Yes, this is the first.

[UPDATE] Qualcomm has also confirmed that HTC will release the first Android smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 615 SoC. Not in words but by posting the following pic (translated tagline: The first use of # 615 # Xiaolong ‘s eight core 64 phones upcoming release, so stay tuned.)



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