New HTC Droid DNA Update Changelog – What You Need To Know

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HTC Droid DNA Update – What Does It Bring ?

I believe that the HTC Droid DNA needs no introduction but assuming that you’re not familiar with the device, long story short, the DNA is the first full HD 1080p smartphone to go on sale, opening the floodgates for other similar 1080p smartphones to hit the market.

The DNA is a pretty impressive device and if you happen to own one then you’re in for a treat, as Verizon has recently released a pretty big update that should be by now well on its way towards your device. Join us after the break and take a look at the HTC Droid DNA update changelog.

New HTC Droid DNA Update Ready To Roll – Changelog

New HTC Droid DNA Update Ready To Roll – Changelog

HTC Droid DNA Update

Big Red has recently brought its Droid DNA software support page up to date in order to inform its customers that the gadget in question has started receiving a new update. The latest build will bring your software version up to 2.04.605.2 710RD and weighs about 103 MB.

The changelog is quite rich to be honest, and the changes brought forth by this release should please every Droid DNA owner out there. For starters, as many of you may already know by now, this particular gadget had a few issues regarding mobile hotspot. The good news is that the latest update’s changelog includes improvements to hotspot connectivity, among many other goodies. Improvements to audio quality and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity have also been made, the Contact List has been enhanced and should now be more stable and reliable, and the default browser should also handle zooming better than before.

The above being said, keep your DNA close and feel free to drop us a line once that update notification pops-up on your device.

Check out the official changelog of the newest HTC Droid DNA update.

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