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HTC M4 (One Mini), Butterfly S, Red/Blue HTC One: New Hardware and Release Details (Rumors)

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The HTC One is the manufacturer’s first successful device in a long time, as reports are claiming that more than 5 million units have been sold so far. However, the One will not be able to solve the Taiwanese manufacturer’s financial problems by itself. This is why HTC needs to keep the momentum going, and that’s actually what the company is trying to do.

Several HTC devices have been rumored to be in the works, like the so called HTC One Mini (codename M4), a HTC phablet (T6), and of course, the HTC Butterfly S. Today, a new rumor concerning the release and hardware specs of the HTC M4 and HTC Butterfly S has surfaced, so join us after the break to see what HTC allegedly has in store for us.

How HTC M4 Would Compare To HTC One

How HTC M4 Would Compare To HTC One

According to E-Price, a Taiwan based online publication, there is a reason why the next Butterfly is going to be named Butterfly S, and not HTC Butterfly 2. E-Price’s sources are confirming what we discovered several days ago: the HTC Butterfly S will allegedly be only a minor revamp of the original model, basically being a HTC One with a bigger screen.

Not all the details are known, but it looks like the Butterfly S will come with an UltraPixel camera, a 5-inch screen (1080p, like we discovered recently), a bigger battery and a microSD slot. It is also said that the Butterfly S will be thicker than the original model. According to the same source, the Butterfly S will hit shelves sometime in late July.

Another handset mentioned by the rumor is the so called HTC One Mini (codenamed M4). According to E-Price, the M4 is scheduled for a mid-July launch and will feature a 4.3 inch HD screen (720p or 1080p ?), a dual-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, and an UltraPixel camera. The HTC M4 will allegedly also come with front dual speakers, Andorid 4.2, and HTC Sense 5, making it very simmilar with the full fledged HTC One.

Finally, the same source points out that two more HTC One flavors will be released: a red and a blue one. The red HTC One render that has surfaced back when the device has been announced is allegedly accurate, while the blue HTC One photo recently published by Pocket Lint is, according to the same rumor, fake.

It is expected for the red HTC One to become available for purchase in mid-July. As far as the blue flavor’s release date is concerned, nothing is known as of yet.

Before wrapping this up, let me point out that the release date timeframes published by E-Price might be valid only for the Taiwanese market. I guess we’ll have to wait for the official announcement, or for other rumors/leaks, in order to figure things out.

Source: E-Price (beware, Taiwaneese ahead).

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