HTC M7 (aka HTC One) vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – David vs Goliath ?

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HTC M7 / HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Shapes Up To Be Quite A Clash

Whether or not you are aware of this, HTC didn’t do so well, from a financial point of view, during the past 12 months or so and if you’re wondering why, well, the answer is a bit tricky.

Fact of the matter is that HTC makes some pretty good smartphones. Sure, no device is perfect, but judging by the gadgets that went on sale last year, the company should’ve been on its way to financial success. Both the HTC One S and X are pretty darn solid smartphones with exceptional build quality and great hardware specs –at least at the time of their launch. In fact, the One X has been fitted with one of the best smartphone displays we’ve ever seen. With that in mind, the question “why HTC isn’t prospering?” becomes a bit tricky and many people are beginning to wonder whether or not the HTC M7 (a.k.a. HTC One) can bring the company back on its tracks, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 posing a huge threat and all that.

HTC M7 (aka HTC One) vs Samsung Galaxy S4 - David vs Goliath ?

HTC M7 (aka HTC One) vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – David vs Goliath ?

HTC M7 vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Unlike HTC, Samsung has been a on a winning streak and at least when it comes down to the high-end Android market, the Korean manufacturer managed to deliver the best-selling smartphones. The Galaxy S series is a tremendous success and judging by past events, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 should be an amazing device as well.

In HTC’s camp, the M7 / One seems to be the company’s best bet for 2013. It packs equally impressive hardware specs as the SGS4 (except for the octa-core CPU perhaps), and interestingly enough, it might also be unveiled within the same time-frame as Samsung’s flagship phone. Will the M7 be able to compete against the S4?

Well, first of all let’s take another look at specs. Besides the sheer power, I personally have great faith in M7’s display. Allegedly its diagonal is 4.7 inches but somehow it retains the full HD 1080 resolution. This could be a great advantage, not only because there’s going to be an even greater pixel density due to the smaller diagonal, but also because a 5-inch display might seem a bit excessive for some.

Then there’s battery life, and in the past Samsung has usually won this round by offering larger battery that’s also removable, whilst the One X / X+ / Droid DNA didn’t. If HTC can somehow fix this issue then that would be a great deal for everyone. We’re pretty confident that HTC will not abandon its unibody design so we’re hoping that the company will at least try and fit a larger battery on its upcoming flagship device.

HTC M7 vs SGS4 - Can HTC Win This Round?

HTC M7 vs SGS4 – Can HTC Win This Round?

Nonetheless, the most important aspect that should assure HTC’s success is marketing and availability. The “One” line-up has been pretty amazing on paper, but in the US the One S has been available only via T-Mobile, whereas the One X with only 16 GB of storage (instead of 32) has been offered solely by AT&T. Sprint on the other hand delivered the Evo 4G LTE, which is pretty much the same gadget as the One X, only in a different package.

And that’s another thing – while the Samsung Galaxy S3 enjoyed a very wide release across pretty much every carrier and without being altered in order to cater to each carrier’s needs, the One X has been quietly retailed via one single US carrier, and then it arrived as a rebranded and redesigned gadget at Sprint.

With all the above being said, if HTC could simply drop this way of doing business and follow Samsung’s model, I think the HTC M7 / One does stand a chance against the Galaxy S4. A big one!

Drop the carrier variants, fit a larger battery, make the gadget available on as many carriers and in as many regions as you can, and try to advertise your gadget more aggressively in order to raise customer awareness! “Quietly brilliant” doesn’t cut it anymore.

I really hope HTC will manage to pull this off. I’m fond of this brand regardless of its mistakes, and I’m fond of more than a handful of HTC smartphones, but if certain changes will not occur, I don’t see a bright future ahead of the company. Hopefully HTC has learned from the mistakes it did last year.

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