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HTC To Announce A “Handsome” Smartphone On September 6th

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For the past several weeks there have been quite a few reports regarding HTC’s upcoming flagship phone, oftentimes referred to as the “HTC Aero” or the “HTC One A9”. Whatever the final name will be, following the launch of the HTC One M9 and the unimpressive sales figures that came after, the industry has been looking with interest towards HTC in hopes of finding out the company’s plans for its next alleged “hero” smartphone.

Previous reports hinted that this mysterious device will be released in October. Whatever the case may be, it looks like HTC has begun teasing the handset with the help of China’s social network known as Weibo. According to the Taiwanese manufacturer, the flagship is referred to as the “MengYao” and will be unveiled on the 6th of September.

HTC To Announce A New Smartphone On 6 September

HTC To Announce A New Smartphone On 6 September

HTC “MengYao” / One A9 to be Revealed by the End of the Week?

Today, the official HTC Weibo account published the image above, along with the tagline “September 6, MengYao, stay tuned”. No other details have been disclosed so unfortunately we can’t confirm if the latest rumors claiming that HTC ditched QHD display resolution in favor of FHD for its next “hero” smartphone are correct.

Interestingly, and funnily enough, however, we found out that “MengYao” translates to “superior handsomeness”, so whatever HTC is hiding from us, it might or should be a looker! Of course, “MengYao” will not be the handset’s final name, so at this point we’re obviously wondering if the terminal might be none other than the fabled HTC One A9 / Aero.

Earlier rumors hinted at a MediaTek Helio X20 chipset, 4 GB of RAM, a 2.5D curved glass panel protecting the display, an all-metal build, and an eventual release State-side via AT&T.



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