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HTC One To Be Featured In Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

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As some of you might remember, last year HTC attempted to boost its sales and influence in the US by partnering up with Robert Downey Jr. in a marketing campaign dubbed “Change” or  “Here’s To Change”. While this particular advertising campaign raised awareness by 15 percent during the August-October time-frame last year, the end results were not really noticeable, as HTC’s market share in the States decreased to 6.7% at the end of October.

Nevertheless, HTC keeps on trucking, and apparently, the Taiwanese manufacturer intends on raising awareness once again, with the help of the upcoming Marvel movie “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. More details after the break.

HTC One To Be Featured In Captain America: Winter Soldier?

HTC One To Be Featured In Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

HTC One to be Featured in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

HTC has recently fired up a new promotional page on its official US website, revealing that last year’s flagship, the HTC One, will make an appearance in the upcoming Hollywood superhero movie: Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

As you can see above, the caption is accompanied by the text “Only the best for the first Avenger“, which leads us to believe that Captain America will be using the Taiwanese-made HTC One as its personal smartphone. Well, we can’t really be sure of that, but it would be quite amusing nonetheless.

The superhero movie is expected to hit the US theaters on April 4th, and given the fact that an all new HTC One is on its way and prices for the original One will most likely continue to drop, this marketing campaign might actually boost the sales of the 2013 model and bring in some cash in HTC’s pockets. Hopefully the movie will be good too, otherwise the 2013 HTC One might end up looking not so cool after all.

Are any of you eager to see the HTC One featured in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Would you be interested in buying last year’s model at a lower price, over this year’s flagship? If so, then check out the link below and hit that “Buy” button.


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