HTC One Release Date: Where Will It Land This Month

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HTC One Release Date On Track? Find Out Where

As you probably know already, 2012 hasn’t been the best year for HTC. In a desperate attempt to save what seems to be a sinking boat, the Taiwanese company has went went all in with the HTC One, a great smartphone that has already received plenty of public acclaim.

Unfortunately, things did not go very smooth for HTC as far as the upcoming launch of the HTC One is concerned. The company had trouble securing certain components used in the manufacturing process of the 4.3 UltraPixel Camera, resulting in an 80% supply shortage, as well as a delayed release date in various small markets, such as Singapore or China.

But will HTC be able to at least deliver the One to the bigger markets?

HTC One Release Date Where Will It Land This Month

HTC One Release Date Where Will It Land This Month

HTC One – To Be Released in Three Major Markets

Last week, Merrill Lynch – one of the world’s largest brokerage firms – has reassured its clients regarding the HTC One’s release date, saying that HTC’s flagship will in fact be released this month in four targeted markets, with a global release date to follow in April.

US, Germany, Taiwan and UK were supposed to be the first markets to receive this neat smartphone, with a release date expected to be scheduled sometime next week. This wouldn’t be very surprising since Clove UK said that the HTC One release date got postponed until March 29th. However, in light of recent reports, the number of markets where HTC One will be released in March has been slashed to three. Unfortunately, the biggest (and probably most important) market has been scratched off the initial list. So the big four are now three: UK, Germany and Taiwan.

It’s unknown how many units HTC has available for this limited release, but according to Robert Cheng, a Merrill Lynch analyst, HTC has surely learned from its past mistakes, and as a result, there shouldn’t be any quality issues with the smartphone once it reaches a wider distributions. If you remember, the HTC One X had several issues with overheating, a short battery life as well as a yellow spot on the display, so let’s hope nothing wrong goes with the One as well.

Moreover, according to HTC’s CMO, Ben Ho, the company is now focusing on a different type of consumer, the ‘techmaniac’- a person who is interested in new features and designs. In order to reach this type of customer, HTC will now focus on digital media, such as blogging, portal websites, social networks and more.

Are you a ‘techmaniac’? Will you purchase the HTC One once it hits the shelves?

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