HTC One UK Release Date Gets Reconfirmed For This Month

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HTC One UK Release Date: Coming Really Soon

The Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be one of the most sought after gadgets in the UK at this point in time, as Carphone Warehouse has recently stated that the amount of SGS4 pre-registrations has surpassed the number of pre-registrations recorded last year when the Galaxy S3 was getting ready to hit the market.

Nevertheless, the HTC One is also a pretty huge release and I’m fairly sure that the majority of gadget enthusiasts who are planning on buying a new high-end gadget are wondering whether they should pick the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4.

It really is a tough call, but assuming that you’ve already decided to get the One then you might want to find out a thing or two about availability in the UK.

HTC One UK Release Date Gets Reconfirmed For This Month

HTC One UK Release Date Gets Reconfirmed For This Month

HTC One – UK Release Date

Assuming that you’re a HTC One enthusiast then you’re most likely familiar with the fact that the international HTC One release date has been delayed. As such, in certain regions, including the US, the HTC One will arrive later than anticipated.

You might wonder whether or not the HTC One release in the UK has also been affected – the good news is that HTC has been kind enough to provide us with an answer.

HTC One UK - March release confirmed

HTC One UK – March release confirmed

As seen above, fortunately, the HTC One should arrive in the UK sometime this week (the above statement being issued at the end of last week) and although the handset’s expected shipping date at certain retailers has been slightly pushed back, it’s not really something to cry about.

In case you’re wondering, Clove UK and Unlocked Mobiles are now displaying a shipping date of “March 29th”, whereas Carphone Warehouse expects the gadget to arrive in stock on 28th of March. Phones4U on the other hand appears to have the Silver model already on sale, whereas the black model is still listed for pre-order.

Thanks Android Central for the heads-up regarding the HTC One UK release date.