HTC One To Eventually Arrive at Verizon ? Release Date Pretty Far Away

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HTC One at Verizon? There Is Still Hope

Back in January when the HTC One was known as the HTC M7, a particular rumor was suggesting that the handset will become available in the US via three major carriers, those being AT&T, Sprint and –nope, you got it wrong this time- Verizon. Indeed, early rumors were hinting that the handset will not arrive in the States via T-Mobile, and that Verizon was actually interested in this particular gadget.

Officially speaking, the situation is, as many of you know, a bit different – meaning that the One has already been confirmed by AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, with Verizon missing in action, but word on the street is that Big Red might eventually get to retail the HTC One as well. Find out more after the break.

HTC One Still Coming To Verizon ?

HTC One Still Coming To Verizon ?

HTC One at Verizon – Release Date Still A Few Months Away ?

Verizon hasn’t yet shown any interest into retailing the HTC One, and obviously, the carrier did not explain why that is. That’s not how it works. However, according to an HTC tipster who goes by the name of @LlabTooFeR (formerly known as Football4PDA who delivered some pretty accurate HTC-related leaks in the past), Verizon is actually working on bringing the HTC One to its roster, and that at this point, Big Red has the HTC One under testing.

According to the above mentioned  tipster’s tweet, the One could arrive on Verizon’s shelves “in 3-4 months”, but of course, since this is not official info, there’s no way of knowing for sure if the handset will arrive sooner, earlier than that, or at all.

In any case, if Verizon is indeed planning on launching the HTC One on its network, one has to wonder why isn’t the carrier interested in releasing the handset this month, as everyone else (we are thinking it has something to do with the HTC Droid DNA – which is still pretty fresh)? What’s there to test for the next four months?… Who knows?!… Once again, if this turns out to be true, then it’s one of those Verizon-specific decisions that don’t make a lot of sense. Anyway, we’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more.

Thanks Gotta Be Mobile for the heads-up regarding the HTC One release date at Verizon.

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