HTC One X (AT&T) Jelly Bean – What’s Up With That New Icon ?

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HTC One X Gets The Jelly Bean Update (AT&T)

The HTC One X Jelly Bean update has first started rolling out about a half a year ago in several regions, and then slowly made its way towards the rest of the world. As we all know, US One X owners have waited, waited and the waited some more, but fortunately, AT&T’s customers are now able to enjoy the HTC One X Jelly Bean as well.

The update brings several new features, such as Google Now, Project Butter under the hood, Locker DriveMode, AT&T Messages as well as many other AT&T specific applications, so in case you haven’t updated your smartphone yet, go ahead and check for the software update … NOW.

If however, your smartphone is already enjoying Jelly Bean then you’re probably wondering what’s up with that new icon on the status bar. Well, join us after the break for the necessary details.

HTC One X (AT&T) Jelly Bean - What's Up With That New Icon ?

HTC One X (AT&T) Jelly Bean – What’s Up With That New Icon ?

HTC One X – Jelly Bean Update and New Symbol

After updating their HTC One X to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, several users started noticing a new symbol on the notification screen and were wondering what it was.

Well, the answer is rather simple, really – the infamous symbol is the NFC logo and is there to show you that your NFC (or near-field communication) is turned on, so it acts similar to more popular symbols such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Apparently, the group behind NFC wants to make sure everybody knows they have NFC on their device and for that reason the setting is automatically turned on after you make the JB update. Is that symbol bothering you or you never use NFC? Then you can just turn it off and the symbol will be gone.

That’s about it, any thoughts you’d like to share with us on the matter?

Thanks Android Central for the heads-up regarding the HTC One X Jelly Bean update and NFC symbol.

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