HTC One X Jelly Bean Continues To Expand – We Take It For A Spin (Android 4.1)

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HTC has been the first manufacturer to officially confirm that its flagship device will receive Android 4.1 later in the year, and judging by the company’s eagerness, we’ve expected the actual update to land earlier than it did. However, Samsung has caught up and has already delivered Jelly Bean on a multitude of its devices, while HTC is still struggling with updating more One X units out there.

As mentioned before, the roll-out process employed by HTC has been less conventional, and as a result, the update has not been released based on a specific region, but on the CID. So far we’ve heard that units bearing CID_612 have been the first to make the jump to Android 4.1, followed by CID_038 and CID_044 not long ago. Now the roll-out expands to new One X units, so if you happen to own this particular device, join us after the break for details on what to expect.

HTC One X Jelly Bean Continues To Expand - We Take It For A Spin (Android 4.1)

HTC One X Jelly Bean Continues To Expand - We Take It For A Spin (Android 4.1)

HTC One X Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)

Alright folks, in case you happen to own a One X unit bearing the CID: HTC_032 as I do, then you should receive an update notification any minute now (if you haven’t already).

I haven’t received anything of the sorts, but about 15-20 minutes ago I’ve manually checked for updates (that poor button got spammed every day so I understand your frustration), and unlike in the past, this time around I’ve been prompted with a notification. Yep, it’s a small package and it’s a prerequisite for the actual Android 4.1 firmware that should be waiting for you once you apply the smaller update (and after a reboot).

To manually check for an update head down to Settings > About > Software updates, and hit that “Check Now” button. In case you don’t know the CID of your One X you can download an app that can display such information (I used CID Getter).

As for what to expect from the newer Android OS, there are the usual Jelly Bean-specific improvements like faster browsing speeds and the addition of Google Now, but you’ll also notice a few differences in the Sense user interface specifically in the Gallery and Camera app, as well as the notification panel. Sense 4+ seems slightly more stripped down when compared to the previous version, probably in a quest to improve performance and squeeze a few extra fps.

For instance, the 3D effect when holding and sliding your thumb over tabs in the app drawer, calendar or the contact list etc. is now gone. I personally haven’t noticed a major increase in smoothness, but whether or not HTC’s efforts to increase the performance have been successful remains to be seen. We’ll get back at you with a more in-depth review of Android 4.1 and Sense 4+ on the One X after a more thorough analysis, so stay tuned.

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