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HTC To Hold Two Press Conferences, In London and New York, on 25th of March

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Remember the official HTC Weibo account that shed some more details on the company’s upcoming mid-range (or so the rumors claim) phablet, the Desire 8?

Well, on that same HTC Weibo account two invites have been just published. Take a look and join us after the break.

[UPDATE] HTC UK’s Twitter account also published a teaser.



As you can see above, HTC will hold two press conferences on the 25th of March: one in New York City and one in London.

Now the real question is what could HTC have so important to share with the world on that respective date, that it has to organize two events, on opposite sides of the Atlantic?

Most would say the HTC M8, but with the amount of leaks that has recently surfaced regarding this particular device, it would be a very awkward move from the Taiwanese manufacturer’s part not to unveil it during MWC.

Some would say the Desire 8, but just yesterday, the same guys have teased a Febraury 24th announcement. Granted, it might take place in Beijing (which would be another strange move since MWC debuts on that very same date), and the London and NYC events might be for officially introducing the device to European and US-based customers, but since the Desire 8 is said to be only a mid-range device, this “tour de force” would simply be an overkill (and a waste of money).

So what could HTC have so important to share with the whole world on March 25th? Give it a shot in the comments section.